Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, EPFL

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Location: Lausanne
Station 1, 1015 Lausanne

Affiliation: ETH Board

EPFL is one of the two federal technical schools (university) in Switzerland. Like the ETH in Zurich, it has three missions: education of students, scientific research and technology transfer. EPFL is located near Lausanne on the shores of the Lake Geneva. It has a campus of more than 10,000 people. The school stimulates collaboration between students, professors, researchers and entrepreneurs. These daily interactions give rise to new and work in science, technology and architecture.


Life Sciences - Jan 27
Life Sciences
Unlike their simple counterparts in artificial intelligence (AI) applications, neurons in the brain use dendrites - their intricate tree-like branches - to find relevant chunks of information. Now, neuroscientists from the University of Bern have discovered a new computational method to make complex dendrite models much simpler. These faithful reductions may lead AI applications to process information much like the brain does.
Environment - Jan 27

An EPFL scientist has made a major breakthrough in the understanding of coral bleaching - a process that causes corals to lose their color and eventually leads to their death. The process is triggered by warmer ocean temperatures, and, according to the study, it begins much earlier than previously thought. The bleaching apparently results from a disturbance in the metabolic equilibrium between corals and their symbiotic algae, which feed them and give them their color. 

Life Sciences - Jan 25
Life Sciences

A team from UNIGE, the University of Munich and the Technical Institute of Munich has discovered that the destruction of synapses in the brain's grey matter reduces the activity of neurons in the cerebral cortex and is a major factor in the progression of multiple sclerosis.

Physics - Jan 26

Analyzing a classic paper that has influenced the size of parliaments for almost half a century, an EPFL physicist discovers major flaws with its methodology, challenges its fundamental assumptions, and calls for a complete and careful re-think of its government-governing rule.

Astronomy - Jan 25

The CHEOPS space telescope detects six planets orbiting the star TOI-178. Five of the planets are in a harmonic rhythm despite very different compositions. This result challenges our understanding of the formation and evolution of planetary systems.