University of Lausanne

University of Lausanne
Lausanne, Lake Geneva region
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Location: Lausanne
Affiliation : swissuniversities
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Environment Sep 12
Climate change has global causes and effects. This conference addresses growing challenges and their consequences for fragile environments both in the high latitudes and high altitudes, focusing on the polar regions and the Alps.
Medicine Sep 5

The Association for Postdocs in Natural Sciences organizes [Figure 1.A.], a photography competition for all the scientists and staff of the Faculty of Biology and Medicine.

Politics Feb 8

Parution du livre "Consolidation Policies in Federal States.

Social Sciences Dec 25
Social Sciences

Fruit flies respond more effectively to danger when in a group. A research team discovered this behavior as well as the neural circuits which relay this information, opening a new field of research.

Earth Sciences Aug 21
Earth Sciences

Abstract submission : - All abstract submissions should be made online - Relevant information about abstract submission can be found on the SGM 2017 Website.

Psychology Jan 30

The 15th SPS conference will be held on at the University of Lausanne: "Treasuring the Diversity of Psychology ».

Computer Science Jan 3
Computer Science

An experiment shows that communication systems can evolve differently within the same species and even the same environment.

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