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Earth Sciences - Nov 23
Earth Sciences
Make geothermal energy safer by using supercomputer simulations. That is the aim of the research project FASTER (Forecasting and Assessing Seismicity and Thermal Evolution in Geothermal Reservoirs) which involves Università della Svizzera italiana (USI), the Swiss Seismic Service (SED), the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich (ETH), and the Swiss National Centre for Scientific Computing (CSCS).
Campus - Nov 23

The rise in interest in food tourism over the past decade coincides with the emergence of new ways of communicating and sharing experiences. The use of social media, websites and apps adds to the tourist's experience at the destination, allowing them to contribute to the development of the experience and to communicate it informally to their peers. The subject communication and gastronomy is the focus of the Master's thesis written by Benedetta Brambilla, a graduate at the USI Master in International Tourism, which has been adopted in a report of the European Travel Commission (ETC).

Health - Nov 16

Resilience is the ability to adjust readily to traumatic events and to reorganise one's life positively. Greater flexibility, adaptation to difficulties and control of one's emotions become even more relevant in times of crisis, such as that triggered by the coronavirus to avoid depression, anxiety and stress.

Research Management - Nov 6

Following the leap forward recorded in the Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings 2021 [>> ], USI has made significant progress in the subject area rankings as well, namely in Computer Science, where USI is now fourth in Switzerland and in the 126-150 bracket (top 15%) globally.

Health - Nov 2

The Institute of Public Health is looking for volunteers ready to help during the serological study. Corona Immunitas Ticino is a project born in spring 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic, the newborn Institute of Public Health (IPH) joined the national programme Corona Immunitas to study the spread and impact of the coronavirus in the Swiss population. The project is composed of several parts and involves a representative sample of all groups of the Ticino population (from 5 to 100+ years).

Health - Nov 16

At the second BioMed PhD Day of the USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, which took place on October 9, doctoral students were given the opportunity to present their projects to the public, but also to meet, get to know each other and share ideas. This year the event was hosted on the new East Campus, and was attended by around thirty PhD students (more than twice as many as in 2019) from 10 different countries and enrolled in one of six doctoral specialisations in Biomedical Sciences: immunology, oncology, neuroscience, cardiovascular science, drug science and public health.

Health - Nov 12

A preclinical study conducted at the Institute of Oncology Research (IOR, affiliated to USI) reveals the role of aging cells in the formation of metastases and identifies a drug capable of blocking them. The work of the group of researchers in Switzerland, Italy and the United States, led by Prof. Andrea Alimonti, is published in the important scientific journal Cancer Cell.

Mathematics - Nov 2

Prof. Antonietta Mira was appointed Committee member of the Swiss Statistical Society , the organization that since 1988 represents the interest of professionals working in this field in relation to practice, research and education and contributes to the recognition of statistics as a scientific discipline in its own right.

Economics - Nov 2

One of the effects of the widespread use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), the investment funds listed on the stock exchange, is the 'democratisation' of financial markets, namely because they can be bought (or sold) very easily and because they can 'replicate' complex and otherwise expensive financial instruments, thus making them accessible even to retail investors.