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Earth Sciences - Jul 2
Earth Sciences
  An analysis of sediment transport in the Rhône Valley yields surprising results: melting glaciers overcompensated for the effect of the increased number of hydropower plants. A reduction in construction activities due to the 2008 financial crisis could also be seen in the data.
Environment - May 23

Since 2013, annual emissions of the banned chlorofluorocarbon CFC-11 have increased by around 7,000 metric tons from eastern China, according to a new study by an international team of scientists including Empa researchers, published in «Nature» today.

Life Sciences - Apr 15
Life Sciences

UNIGE researchers have found that bacteria can survive in the sediments of the Dead Sea at a depth of over 400 metres in spite of extreme conditions.

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Agronomy/Food Science - 08.07
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeitende/ Assistierende im Bereich Bodeninformation Hochschule für Agrar-, Forst- und Lebensmitteltechnologie, Zollikofen
Earth Sciences - 05.07
User Training Officer (VN 19/28) EUMETSAT, Darmstadt
Earth Sciences - 11.07
Postdoc or Senior Assistant position in high-precision GNSS Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich, ETHZ
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2 PhD positions in Biogeoscience Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich, ETHZ
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