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Career - Oct 7, 2020
This year's Swiss HR Barometer combines two major trends: digitisation, and an aging society. Almost 40 percent of those surveyed can imagine working beyond retirement age. Job satisfaction decreases as digitisation of an employee's tasks increases.
Innovation - Sep 30, 2020

We want to make sure our phones no longer disturb us at the wrong moment. To achieve this, we first have to better understand where our attention lies when using smartphones. Computer scientists at ETH have now developed a system that records eye contact with the display in everyday situations for the first time. Sociologists and medical experts could also benefit from this.

Innovation - Aug 12, 2020

EPFL spin-off SEED Biosciences has developed a pipetting robot that can dispense individual cells one by one. Their innovation allows for enhanced reliability and traceability, and can save life-science researchers time and money.

Career - Aug 17, 2020

Research and family belong together for Sebastian Schemm. The father of two small children leads a research group at ETH Zurich which is investigating atmospheric circulation and its effects on weather and climate dynamics.

Innovation - Jul 31, 2020

Researchers at EPFL and Bar Ilan University have developed a new type of embedded memory that takes up half as much space as traditional memory - and uses less energy - to store a given amount of data. The technology is being marketed through a new spin-off called RAAAM.

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Economics/Business - 14.01
Dozent/-in Risk Assessment und Risk Management 30-40 % Zürcher Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften, ZHAW, Winterthur
Career - 11.01
Dozent*in im Bereich Zulassung und Studierendenberatung (80–100 %) Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW, Olten
Economics/Business - 05.01
Doktorandin / Doktorand im Bereich FinTech / Digital Banking (70-85%) Hochschule Luzern - Wirtschaft, Zug-Rotkreuz
Economics/Business - 05.01
Doktorandin / Doktorand im Bereich Digital Accounting / Controlling (70-85%) Hochschule Luzern - Wirtschaft, Zug-Rotkreuz
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