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Life Sciences - Jul 11
Life Sciences
Similar to insulin in humans, plants also produce peptide hormones that orchestrate internal processes and responses, including growth, development, and immunity. One of them is RALF23, which belongs to the large family of RALF plant peptides. Notably, the study revealed a novel recognition mechanism for the RALF23 peptide signals by plant receptors.
Health - Jul 8

A herniated disc is painful - and the most frequent cause of spinal surgery. But is the selected treatment always the right one? New research results show that the clinical criteria - the comparison of two static images - are often not sufficient to make the best decision for the patient.

Health - Jun 28

By studying the effects of gold nanoparticles on the immune cells related to antibody production,  researchers at UNIGE, at Swansea University and at the NCCR "Bio-inspired Materials" are paving the way for more effective vaccines and therapies.

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