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Materials Science - Feb 14
Materials Science
Researchers from the University of Geneva and CY Cergy Paris University have shown that current situations conjure up past situations that share deep, structural, similarities.
Pedagogy - Oct 8, 2019

Increased equality has a positive effect on mothers and fathers. Thanks to greater freedom to strike an individual balance between caring for children and working in paid employment, mothers and fathers today are happier with their lives than parents were 20 or 30 years ago, a study by sociologists at the University of Zurich has shown.

Pedagogy - May 9, 2019

Bilingual children adapt to the needs of their communication partners better than monolingual children. According to researchers at the University of Zurich, this is because children growing up bilingually have to manage challenging communication situations more often and deal with the differing communication styles of their parents.

Pedagogy - Sep 17, 2019

A new app allows parents to playfully support their children as they explore their surroundings. They can record important motor, cognitive and linguistic milestones and receive scientifically sound information on each step. The app was developed by psychologists at the University of Zurich, who are researching the individual development of children.

Pedagogy - Aug 28, 2017

Children in the German-speaking part of Switzerland who utilise extended education offerings in the first two years of primary school generally perform no better in school than other children, an SNSF-funded project has found.

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