revise cv and cover letter

revise cv and cover letter

You are a PhD, a postdoc, or a senior researcher at university. You have to leave University or you want to find a job in the private or public sector. Having had jobs in research, you have never really applied for a job. You don’t know how to apply and whether your CV and cover letter are OK. Or you are a foreigner and you don’t know the local customs.

Courses and information about how to apply are normally very general and not aimed at researchers. We therefore revise CV and cover letters for academic researchers and people with highly specialised skills.

Target audience

Academic researchers and people with highly specialised skills (PhDs, postdocs, senior researchers, ...).

Just an email... 

Send us your CV and/or cover letter by email. You may just need to rework the content or you may want a completely reformatted document ready to post. You choose! We also target your documents to specific job advertisements. Just send us an email!


Module 1: cover letter standard

We rework your cover letter: How to express your interest in the job; How to show that you are the right person; How to be honest but not too modest; How to identify the details to which employers pay attention.

Module 2: CV standard

We rework your CV: You have a background as a researcher. But what else could be of interest for your future employer? Employers are normally not interested in long publication lists. So, what do they expect of you? We’ll show you how to identify your employer’s expectations and how to emphasize your talents.

Module 3: Coaching

You prefer to discuss your job possibilities and application documents in a personal assessment. More details on this page: coaching for researchers

Summary and Costs

 Nr.    Module Content

Price  CHF

 1 Cover letter standard
Rework content of the cover letter  250
 2 CV standard Rework content of the CV  250
 3 Coaching for researchers
Personal assessment (including preparation and module 1 and 2)  440

All prices include administration costs and taxes.



German, English, French

General conditions

  • The amount must be paid in advance or at the end of the coaching. A bill will be delivered to you or you can pay using Paypal.
  • The revision of your documents takes 1-2 weeks, depending on the modules you chose. 
  • We treat your data in strictest confidence.


Do not hesitate to contact us with any queries.