housing costs

housing costs

In Switzerland, people normally rent apartments (rarely own the apartment or house where they live) and, then, it can be difficult to find the perfect flat, especially in Zurich and Geneva.


  • can seem high but, in fact, they are fair compared to salaries.
  • change from town to town. Zurich and Geneva are particularly expensive.

In the following table you can see the average prices in CHF for flat (charges excluded) observed by the Swiss federal statistic office in 2013

1 room  


3 rooms 


5 rooms 








To rent an apartment

  • You have to pay a deposit equivalent to 1 up to 3 months of rent. The owner will give back to you this deposit when you leave the flat after checking the flat conditions.
    You need a housing assurance; it isn’t mandatory but is often request. 
  • You can use Comparis to compare offers of the insurance companies.
  • The charges (heating, electricity, etc.) can be included in the rent or not. If excluded you should account for extra 150/250 CHF/month.