documents you need

documents you need

If you want rent a flat from a real estate agency you need to prepare a dossier composed by the following documents:

  • The form provided by the agency
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of work permit (if you come from abroad of course)
  • Copy of last payslips or of the working contract
  • Lawsuit declaration

In the form provided by the agency, you will be asked for contacts, personal information and sometimes references also.

If you are just coming from abroad, it is nice to know that:

  • You can easily get a lawsuits declaration by the specific office in the town.
  • Sometime agencies ask for the settlement permit C. Timing to get it depends on your nationality (it can take from 5 up to 10 years). However, if you are just arrived in Switzerland, you aren’t entitled to a C permit (most probably). In this case, you need to ask for support to a Swiss citizen or somebody holding a C permit.