find a flat

find a flat

If you are looking for housing in Switzeralnd you should check on: 

The specialized Websites

There are several portals devoted to housing, where you can find flats, houses, and so on, either for rent or for sale. For instance: Immostreet, homegate, etc.

Regional newspapers

All the regional newspapers once a week publish a real estate section. Moreover, in some cities local newspapers, having a real estate section, are distributed for free by regular mail and private owners publish their ads there.

Real estate agencies

In the Yellow pages you will find real estate agencies, which sometimes (not always!) have Web-sites with many offers that you can consult.

Student associations

If you are a student or an early stage postdoc, check on the School’s Websites because student associations often organize apposite pages devoted to house flat-share or studio’s rent.

For short visit (1 year max), you can ask to the the School’s housing service that typically coordinates student houses and furnished apartments for visitors.

Finally, UMS Temporary Housing Service conveys temporary and furnished apartments. Most universities also have temporary housing services, contact them!