to get a car

to get a car

Import your car

After arriving in Switzerland you have 6 months to import your personal effects (the car also) without customs/import fees. The age of the car does not matter. You are, then, allowed to use your car for one year with the European plate. This apply, of course, if you owned your car for more than six months from your arrival. On the contrary, you have to get a « Duty-free warehouses » from the Federal custom department.  It lasts 2 years after that you have to pay custom duties, which are approximately 12% of the current value of the car.

For technical requirements, Switzerland follows the same regulations than EU.

Car: sharing and rental

Mobility is the largest car sharing company in Switzerland: it is reliable and ensures a excellent presence in all towns.

Of course you can find the major car rental agencies like : Avis, Hertz, Europcar, etc. The following Website (only in German) it is useful to compare car rental prices: