summary of living costs

Household income and expenditure of all households in Switzerland 2013, expressend as a mean value per month and per household in CHF. Note: the average number of persons per household is 2.19.

Income from employment 6256
  from indipendent activities 1362
  Investement 386
  Pension and social security 1 909
  Total gross 9913
Compulsory expenditure social security contributions,taxes, health insurance: basic insurance  -2748
Various expenditures
other insurances, fees, donations  -662
Consuption expenditures Total consuption expenditures  -5481
  Food and non-alcoholic beverages  −645
  Alcoholic beverages and tobacco  −106
  Hotels and restaurants  −579
  Clothing and footwear  −225
  Housing and energy  −1521
  Furnishings, household equipment and routine household maintenance  −274
  Health  −261
  Transport  −786
  Communication  −188
  Entertainment, recreation and culture  −605
  Other goods and servicies  −289
  Total -8891
Savings   1022

 Source: OFS