postdoc salaries in Switzerland

postdoc salaries in Switzerland

  • Postdoc (postdoctoral position) gross salaries at universities are between 6’000 CHF and 8’200 CHF depending on the insitute, university, age and experience.
  • The average annual postdoc wage is approx. 87’960 CHF (glassdoor, 2022), that means 7.330 CHF/month.

Salaries in comparison

A graduated PhD who gets hired outside the university, earns on average more than a postdoc who is working at a university:

  • The annual gross salary (median) for PhDs 1 year after graduation in 2020 is: 93’100 CHF

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  • Usual working time in Switzerland: 42 hours per week.
  • Holidays: Legally 4 weeks per year. Some companies give 5 weeks.