maternity insurance

maternity insurance

What are the income compensations (IC)?

Income compensation (IC) is a compulsory Swiss social security insurance paying compensation for loss of earnings to persons serving in the Army, civilian service and civil defense as well as for expectant mothers. All persons living or working in Switzerland are mandatorily insured in the OASI, DI and IC.

Who is entitled to maternity insurance?

Women who are immediately prior to the birth of the child insured with the OASI for at least nine months of which she has worked for at least 5 months (part or full time). The contributions made in an EU/EFTA country count as well.

How many benefit will an expectant mother get?

  • The maternity allowance amounts to 80% of the average salary earned from employment immediately prior to the birth of the child. The allowance is paid in the form of a daily allowance.
  • The maximum daily allowance amounts to CHF 172 per day or CHF 5,160 per month, i.e. an employee is entitled to the maximum daily allowance if she earns a monthly salary of CHF 6,450 (annual salary CHF 77,400) or more.
  • If you work part time, the amount of the allowances corresponds to the degree of employment.
  • Entitlement starts on the day of confinement and ends at the latest 14 weeks or 98 days after the birth.
  • You may be entitled to further benefits depending on your employer or the canton in which you live. Find out from your employer if he has taken out supplementary insurance to cover extra weeks of income replacement during maternity leave.

Paternity leave

Since 01 January 2021, fathers can take 2 weeks of paid paternity leave. They can take this leave within six months of the birth of a child. Like the maternity allowance, the leave is financed through the income compensation scheme (EO). More information about paternity leave.


Source: avs-ai, FSIO