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Physics - Electroengineering - Feb 20
Physics - Electroengineering
EPFL researchers have found a way to control and standardize the production of nanowires on silicon surfaces. This discovery could make it possible to grow nanowires on electronic platforms, with potential applications including the integration of nanolasers into electronic chips and improved energy conversion in solar panels.
Electroengineering - Physics - Feb 15
Electroengineering - Physics

EPFL researchers have developed a compact and efficient medium-frequency transformer. Their device is poised to enhance the flexibility and efficiency of tomorrow's smart grids and DC power distribution networks.

Electroengineering - Oct 10, 2018

By studying the effects of Basel's electricity levy, researchers at the University of Lucerne investigated how tax incentives work in practice and how their impact on energy consumption could be increased.

Health - Mechanical Engineering - Feb 8
Health - Mechanical Engineering

EPFL scientists have developed microscopic, hydrogel-based muscles that can manipulate and mechanically stimulate biological tissue.

Innovation - Electroengineering - Oct 2, 2018
Innovation - Electroengineering

Empa is expanding its Coating Competence Center (CCC) thanks to a new partnership in the field of printed electronics with US-based equipment manufacturer Optomec.

Currently 15 jobs in fields Electroengineering, Mechanical Engineering.
Selected Jobs
Mechanical Engineering - 27.03
PROFESSEUR-E ASSOCIE-E HES dans le domaine des matériaux HES-SO Genève
Electroengineering - 16.04
Postdoctoral Researcher in High Voltage Gas Circuit Breakers Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich, ETHZ
Physics - 16.04
PhD Candidate or Postdoctoral Researcher (100%) in Quantum Hybrid Systems Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich, ETHZ
Mechanical Engineering - 01.04
PhD Candidate in reduced order modeling for dynamics of jointed structures Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich, ETHZ
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electrical and mechanical engineering



  • Electrosuisse is the recognised professional organisation for electrical-, energy- and information technology, offering services for the whole of the electrical sector.
  • The Power Engineering Society (ETG) is a platform for your advanced training and the interface for knowledge and experience. It organises events dealing with topical questions and problems in the field of electrical power engineering.
  • The Information Technology Society (ITG) is a platform for your advanced training and the interface for knowledge and experience. It organises events dealing with topical questions and problems in the field of automation, electronics and information technology.
  • The Swiss Electrotechnical Committee (CES), a commission of Electrosuisse, is the national organisation for drawing up standards and safety regulations in the spheres of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology in Switzerland.
  • Swissmem unites the Swiss engineering, electrical and metal industry and associated technology-oriented sectors.


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