Eidgenossische Technische Hochschule Zürich, ETHZ

Connectivity - Plant interactions reloaded / PSC Symposium 2020

CityZurich, Zurich region, Switzerland
Date Wednesday, -
This year’s PSC symposium will highlight the manifold interactions plants are engaged in. The interactions range from the molecular to the environmental level and are indispensable for development, reproduction, nutrient exploitation and disease resistance against pathogens. Currently, genome sequencing, computational advances, high resolution imaging, new modeling approaches and a whole range of high-throughput technologies bring us new paths to study plant networks. Interactions drive evolution and shape the natural communities. Studying plant connectivity at different levels, in a more contextual way and combining different disciplines is key to move forward in our understanding of the plant systems. This multidisciplinary research can be integrated in an ecological framework where optimal management of nature’s ecological functions and biodiversity may improve agricultural system performance, efficiency and farmers’ livelihoods.


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