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Computer Science - Law - Oct 11, 2018
Computer Science - Law
Empa and BeAM, a manufacturer of machines for metal 3D printing, are glad to announce an extensive research and development agreement. This partnership focuses on powder-based Directed Energy Deposition (DED) and aims at jointly developing the technological foundations for the next generation of high-precision DED machines.
Law - Business - Dec 11, 2017

Allow experienced drivers from war-torn countries to skip driving-test waiting period similar to other newcomers in Ontario.

Social Sciences - Law - Apr 26, 2016
Social Sciences - Law

In Switzerland, an increasing number of offenders are aging and dying in prison. Penal institutions need to better adjust to this situation, and uniform rules are needed to ensure a dignified end of life in prison.

Law - Computer Science - Sep 28, 2017
Law - Computer Science

Researchers supported by the SNSF have set up a free and accessible integrated database of legal cases involving international economic law.

Law - Feb 3, 2016

The popular initiative "Enforce the expulsion of foreign criminals", also known as the enforcement initiative, has led the academic legal profession in Switzerland to issue a joint statement ahead of the vote on 28 February.

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