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Lieu: Lausanne - Région lémanique

Molecular Oncology - From Basic Research to Therapeutic Approaches

The National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR), Molecular Oncology - From Basic Research to Therapeutic Approaches, strengthens cancer research in Switzerland. Working with partners from different university hospitals and the pharmaceutical industry, the researchers seek new cancer therapies, discover mechanisms of tumour formation and endeavour to translate these findings into therapeutic approaches. The NCCR Molecular Oncology thus creates bridges between basic and clinical cancer research. The research projects target different aspects of the fundamental biology of tumours and the response of healthy cells to cancer. Thanks to this NCCR, cancer research in Lausanne is being strengthened and reorganised. A cancer research centre, where teams from EPF Lausanne and the University of Lausanne will work closely together, is being set up at the University Hospital Center (CHUV) Lausanne.

Home institution: EPF Lausanne

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