Brain-computer interfaces: New technology. More data. Improving lives

Wyss Center symposium at Campus Biotech

Tuesday 6 December 13h

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Over recent years, research groups and companies have accelerated the development of brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) with the goal of restoring movement and communication for people with severe paralysis.

They have pushed the boundaries of medical device miniaturization and data transfer to build fully implantable devices that wirelessly record brain activity with a variety of electrodes.

The data now being collected has tremendous potential to tackle important clinical and social needs for people with paralysis. To realize this opportunity, groups are exploring new approaches in neural signal decoding with artificial intelligence algorithms.

As the BCI community shifts its focus to clinical studies for patient benefit, join us at Campus Biotech to hear from researchers and companies working together at the forefront of BCI development discussing paths to translation and BCI home-use.

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