Forest landscape model TreeMig

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The forest landscape model TreeMig, which includes spatial interactions, enables the simulation of forest dynamics and tree species migration for various applications.

The spatio-temporal vegetation dynamics, including the migration of plant species, play an important role in the dynamics of species distributions, carbon sequestration, the feedback between climate and biosphere, and biodiversity in climate change. To estimate future vegetation development, spatio-temporal vegetation models at different scales that simulate species migration are therefore essential.

The TreeMig framework consists of the TreeMig core model , an R package that prepares the inputs for the model, calls the model, processes the model results further and plots them, and a graphical user interface.

Main developers:

David Böhm (GUI, Package), Daniel Scherrer (Package), Dirk Schmatz (Package, Input data), Achilleas Psomas (Package), Heike Lischke (TreeMig model)