Sensors for automated driving

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Automated vehicles have the potential to make road traffic safer, more efficient and more comfortable. Lexus and Empa recently joined forces to improve sensor technology for automated vehicles.

There is great interest in automated vehicles, but many technical and non-technical questions remain to be solved. As part of a project coordinated by the Swiss Competence Center for Energy Research in Mobility ("SCCER Mobility"), Lexus and Empa have started a cooperation on the optimization of sensors for automated vehicles.

Sensor systems play a central role in autonomous driving. By sensing the vehicle’s environment, they provide the necessary information to steer the vehicle safely through traffic. In actual use, however, these sensors are exposed to a wide variety of weather and environmental influences, as well as mechanical stress. As part of the cooperation, Lexus provided Empa with a test vehicle that will now be equipped with various sensors and a data acquisition system to investigate the behavior of the sensors in operation.