Top 3 Reasons to do the Executive MBA in English

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1. Improve your oral and written business communication skills
More than 70% of employees working in Zurich area use English as the official language for business meetings and correspondence (Global Business Languages, 2007). More and more companies adopt English as the official company language, such as Sulzer, ABB, Nestlè, UBS and Credit Suisse among others (Swissinfo).

2. Usage of English in Switzerland is growing
English has become an “ideal” lingua franca in Switzerland (University of Berne, 2007). English is not just a business language, but due to presence of different linguistic regions in Switzerlands, Swiss also use English in the military and private gatherings. English is the fifth language of the Swiss government regarding the translations of documents (Swissinfo).

3. English is the most widely written and spoken language in the world
According to the Economist (2007), “some 380m people speak it as their first language and perhaps two-thirds as many again as their second. A billion are learning it, about a third of the world’s population are in some sense exposed to it and by 2050, it is predicted, half the world will be more or less proficient in it. It is the language of globalisation - of international business, politics and diplomacy. It is the language of computers and the Internet.” As a result, English proficiency is now a must in securing a promotion or finding work in the international business setting.