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Research & Development at Novartis The Novartis Pharmaceuticals clinical pipeline holds a broad stream of 140 future projects including both new molecular entities and additional indications or formulations for marketed products. Our pipeline has consistently being ranked by experts as one of the strongest in the industry. Our scientists focus on diseases for which medical need remains unmet and strive to improve the drug discovery process with an approach that integrates novel concepts and tools across multiple disease areas.

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Despite significant advances made by modern medicine, universal access to healthcare is still arguably the single largest unmet medical need -   Sandoz "HACk" - Healthcare Access Challenge - is a competition seeking young people with innovative ideas to "reimagine" access to healthcare -   Sandoz HACk is partnering with OpenIDEO - a global commu
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ARISE, first pivotal Phase III study of AMG 334 (erenumab) in episodic migraine prevention, met primary endpoint, showing a statistically significant reduction in monthly migraine days vs placebo

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In a Phase III clinical study, Zykadia extended progression-free survival (PFS) when compared with standard chemotherapy, including maintenance  -   Novartis is moving forward with global regulator

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Important new analysis shows that Novartis' Entresto is associated with higher relative health-related quality of life scores among HFrEF patients New analysis of PARADIGM-HF data shows that among

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Ilaris (canakinumab) is the first and only US FDA-approved biologic treatment for patients with TRAPS, HIDS/MKD and FMF disease -   These three simultaneous approvals conducted under FDA Priority R

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Results published in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrate that KAF156 shows activity against blood and liver stages of malaria parasites, including artemisinin-resistant parasites -   KA

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EXPAND study data presented at ECTRIMS show that treatment with BAF312 (siponimod) reduced the risk of three-month confirmed disability progression by 21% vs placebo in people with secondary progre


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