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Université de Zurich  
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Environnement - 16.07
The special exhibition brings together the beauty of Lake Baikal, the Sense river, the Iguazú Falls, the Ross Ice Shelf and many more places in far-flung corners of the world. All of the photographs share a common theme - water.
Sciences de la vie - 11.07
Sciences de la vie

Similar to insulin in humans, plants also produce peptide hormones that orchestrate internal processes and responses, including growth, development, and immunity.

Économie - 20.06

The more money there is in a lost wallet, the more likely it is to be returned to its owner, researchers from the Universities of Zurich, Michigan and Utah show in a global study.

Sciences de la vie - 17.06
Sciences de la vie

When they graze, goats, sheep and cows often ingest bits of earth that can be damaging to their teeth.

Pharmacologie - 24.06

Following a stroke, antibodies that inhibit the signaling molecule Nogo-A can help repair blood vessels in the affected brain regions.

Pharmacologie - 17.06

Certain membrane proteins specialise in transporting molecules out of cells - a problem for the efficacy of cancer medication and antibiotics. An international research team has investigated the transport mechanism of a bacterial membrane protein using an artificially produced antibody fragment.

Environnement - 6.06

The Swiss Data Cube (SDC) is an innovative technology that gathers all available satellite images from the American Landsat program and the European Sentinel 1 and 2.

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