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Psychology - Sep 8
Over the long-term, what one partner in a two-person relationship wishes to avoid, so too does the other partner - and what one wants to achieve, so does the other. These effects can be observed regardless of gender, age and length of the relationship, as researchers from the University of Basel report in a study of more than 450 couples.
Life Sciences - Psychology - Sep 3
Life Sciences - Psychology

Scientists propose that periods of unconscious processing-during which the brain integrates information-precede brief moments of consciousness.

Psychology - Social Sciences - Jun 30
Psychology - Social Sciences

Scientists have tracked the eye movements of children to show how they make the link - spontaneously and without instructions - between vocal emotion (happiness or anger) followed by a natural or virtual face.

Politics - Psychology - Apr 14

In this time of health emergency, it is inevitable to live in close contact with our loved ones. In a short video Sara Greco, senior assistant professor at USI Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society, talks about two tools that might help overcome disagreement in our daily life.

Psychology - Health - Aug 12
Psychology - Health

A trusting therapeutic relationship and outcome-oriented collaboration between therapist and patient are critical for the successful treatment of mental illness. And it pays to start early in therapy, a series of meta-studies by a task force of the American Psychological Association (APA) led by UZH psychology professor Christoph Flückiger shows.

Psychology - Jun 18

When we make decisions, we don't always have all options available to choose from at the same time. Instead they often come one after another, so we have to decide on something without knowing if a better option might have come along later. A study at the University of Zurich has shown that our standards drop more and more in the course of decision-making. A new simulation model can help us understand and predict our behavior in such situations.

Psychology - Life Sciences - Mar 30

In a short clip, Rosalba Morese, postdoc assistant at the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society and at the Institute of Public Health of USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences, talks about our emotional reactions to social distance, an aspect that we need to deal with in our daily lives. This contribution, linked to the field of social neuroscience, is part of the " Brain Awarness Week " an initiative, which takes place annually at this time all over the world, including the Swiss Italian-speaking region.

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media and communication

Research Centres

  • Das Center for Communications (CfC) der Hochschule für Wirtschaft Zürich betreibt angewandte Forschung und Entwicklung. Auf innovative Art kombiniert und integriert das Zentrum Themen wie strategisches Management, Führung, Informatik und Psychologie mit praktischer Ausbildung in Kommunikationshandwerk und einem systematischen Stakeholder- und Mehrwert-Ansatz.
  • Die anwendungsorientierte Forschung am Institut für Angewandte Medienwissenschaften (IAM) greift lösungsorientiert Problemstellungen auf, mit Bezug auf die Berufsfelder Journalismus und Organisationskommunikation. Im Forschungsprozess greift das IAM auf theoretische Wissensbestände und Methoden der Kommunikations-, Medien- und Sprachwissenschaft zurück.
  • The Institute for Media and Communication Management =mcminstitute is a leading international, interdisciplinary research, teaching and advisory organization for media and communications management as well as media and culture. The Institute enables students, researchers, and decision makers to meet the challenges of the digital age by exploring strategic management questions from a communication perspective.
  • Das Institut für Kommunikation und Marketing der Hochschule Luzern konzipiert und realisiert Projekte der angewandten Forschung und Entwicklung in enger Zusammenarbeit mit Praxispartnern, die direkt vom gewonnenen Wissen profitieren. Das IKM forscht in den Bereichen Unternehmenskommunikation, Professionelle Kommunikation, Online-Kommunikation und Marketing. Die Erkenntnisse fliessen in Lehre und Weiterbildung ein.
  • Das Institut für Medienwissenschaften (IFM) der Universität Basel forscht und lehrt zum Strukturwandel der Medien - von der Keilschrift bis zum Internet. Auf seinem Website presentiert das Institut seinem Forschungsprojekten.
  • Das Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research IPMZ engagiert sich mit theoretischen und empirischen Arbeiten in der Grundlagenforschung. Die Forschung am IPMZ soll auch dazu dienen, Studierende möglichst frühzeitig mit Formen des forschenden Lernens bekanntzumachen.
  • The Idiap Research Institute is a research foundation specializing in multimedia information management and in multimodal man-machine interaction.


  • The Swiss Association of Communication and Media Research aims to promote education and research in the field of communication and media. The Association invests in the encouragement of young talents in the fields of science through sponsorship contributions and young talent events, strives tko maintain a coordinated doctorate program and, scince 2007, has published the journal Studies in Communication Sciences.