Life Sciences - Philosophy - Nov 8, 2016
Life Sciences - Philosophy
How long do animals live? Although the question seems trivial, it is not easy to answer - especially in the case of free-ranging animals, as it is extremely difficult to determine accurate dates of birth and death of all members of a specific population.
Medicine - Philosophy - Sep 16, 2016
Medicine - Philosophy

For example, lay people think that the sickest patients and those on waiting lists should be treated first, while ethicists - and to some degree medical professionals - tend to have a different set of priorities.

History - Philosophy - Jul 5
History - Philosophy

Béla Kapossy is the new director of EPFL's College of Humanities. He will take up his duties on 1 August.

Continuing education for scientists and academics
Physics/Materials Science
Physique quantique : enjeux et controverses EPFL, Lausanne

The Swiss Society of Philosophy

The Swiss Society of Philosophy promotes the study and the discussions about philosophical problems. The society promote also philosophical activities in Switzerland with its publication: Studia philosophica.

Le portail suisse pour la philosophie gives general information about philosophy and research in the field of philosophy. On the website, you can fin a jobportal and a agenda of philosophical manifestations in Switzerland.

Suisse Romande Association in Practical Philosophie (SRAPP)

The Suisse Romande Association in Practical Philosophie aims to facilitate and encourage research on practical philosophy and to establish and maintain a network of practical philosophers in Suisse-Romande. These aims are facilitated by hosting an annual conference, holding group meetings and other events and maintaining a website and e-mailing list.

Institute for Applied Philosophy (IsFA)

The Institute for Applied Philosophy (Istituto di Filosofia Applicata) is an institute of the Theology Faculty of Lugano. It offers courses and promotes research and publications in the fields of applied philosophy.