degree of university continuing education

degree of university continuing education

In Switzerland, there exist four levels of university continuing education:

1. Courses of continuing education

  • Duration: Between one and several days.
  • Admission: A university degree is not always necessary.
  • Achievement: Presence (for validation). You generally don’t have to write a thesis, exept for some specific courses or fields. In this case, you generally recieve an attestation that gives you the right to some ECTS-credits.
  • Diploma: You don’t recieve a diploma. But you can ask a confirmation of participation.

2. Certificat of Advanced Studies (CAS)

  • Shortest continuing education on university level in Switzerland. A CAS offers specific knowledge on a subject. It allows to acquire a supplementary qualification in a particular field.
  • Admission: University degree.
  • Duration: Some months or one year, generally extra-occupational.
  • Achievement: 150 houres and 10 credits at least.
  • Diploma: Certificate.

3. Diploma of Advanced Studies (DAS)

  • The DAS is a new kind of formation. It offers a deepened education in a specific field. They allow to acquire a supplementary qualification in its own business sector or in a new professional specialization.
  • Admission: University degree.
  • Duration: 1-2 years, generally extra-occupational.
  • Achievement: 300 hours and 30 credits at least.
  • Diploma: Diploma.

4. Master of Advanced Studies (MAS)

  • The MAS is the highest level of continuing education you can obtain in Switzerland. It allows to acquire a supplementary qualification in its own business sector, or then to open doors towards a new professional field. Note: A MAS is not a Master’s degree which is part of the initial education after a Bachelor degree. A MAS is done after a Master’s degree and a work experience. (However, in several universities, a Bachelor’s degree is often sufficiant to do a MAS.)
  • Admission: University degree.
  • Duration: 2 years or more, generally extra-occupational.
  • Achievement: 60 credits at least. You have to write a thesis.
  • Diploma: Master (that does not open the access to a PhD).