Continuous Chromatography for mAbs/Oligonucleotides and Peptides

LocationBrugg, North West Switzerland, Svizzera

A profound introduction to continuous chromatography with hands-on practice including capture and polishing processes for biomolecules

The aim of this seminar is to provide an introduction to continuous chromatography with hands-on practice with capture and polishing processes for biomolecules. These processes lead to improvements in productivity and manufacturing costs while reducing environmental footprint. Attendees will acquire the basic tools to design, run and evaluate multicolumn processes and to quantify these improvements, serving as basis for an economic evaluation. As the least complex of all multicolumn processes, the workshop is focused on twin column chromatography.

  • Introduction to continuous chromatography for biomolecules
  • Theory of multi-column chromatography
  • Design of multi-column chromatography processes
  • Hands-on training on twin column equipment for capture and polishing applications
  • Process performance evaluation and scale-up
  • Introduction to process modelling

This workshop does not cover 4-zone SMB, chiral and small molecule separations.

This seminar is aimed at industry and academic separation scientists and process development engineers who already have some familiarity with single column chromatography and who want to broaden their understanding of chromatographic processes and look at new and more efficient ways to separate and polish biomolecules.

The seminar comprises presentations and interactive workshops using laboratory-scale Contichrom CUBE twin column separation & purification systems. Subject matter experts and graduate assistants will support the participants during the interactive workshops and data analysis sessions.

The seminar fee is CHF 3’000.
This includes lecture summaries in paper and electronic formats, materials used during the workshop, internet access (Wifi), lunch and coffee breaks as well as participation in the evening pro-gram/dinner. It does not include accommodation, travel costs or catering other than indicated above.

Massimo Morbidelli Ph[.]D., Professor of Chemical Reaction and Separation Technologies in the Department of Chemistry, Politecnico di Milano. A pioneer in preparative continuous chromatography and in particular in the application of multicolumn technologies for protein purification in the pharma industry, Prof. Morbidelli has co-authored over 500 research articles and four books. He serves as associate editor for the Industrial & Engineering Chemical Research journal of the ACS and is the recipient of the 2005 RH Wilhelm a ward from the AIChE and of the 2014 Gerhard Damkoehler medal of DECHEMA. He is a co-founder of ChromaCon AG in Zurich.

Thomas Müller-Späth , Ph[.]D., Director of RnD at ChromaCon AG in Zurich. After an assignment at Bayer Health-care, Thomas completed his doctoral work on continuous chromatography of biomolecules in the group of Prof. Morbidelli, and co-founded ChromaCon AG to bring the technology to the market. He has been working on research projects with industrial partners, development of chromatography processes and equipment, and IP management. He has presented on numerous workshops and conferences on continuous chromatography and has co-authored over 20 publications and patents.

Supervisors and tutors: Sebastian Vogg, Richard Weldon, Lars Aumann

"The continuous chromatography seminar had an excellent balance of theoretical content and laboratory based exercises. It was great to explore the significant gains observed in productivity, buffer consumption and resin utilization over batch chromatography."

"Great to learn all the potential and application of the different ways of using continuous chromatography and learn that this is not just a smart way of working in research, but that it can be implemented in large scale production."

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