Switzerland and Spain sign joint declaration on research and innovation

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Switzerland and Spain agreed to strengthen their cooperation in the field of research and innovation. The two countries signed a joint declaration this afternoon in Madrid to encourage and support their respective research and innovation communities to undertake bilateral and multilateral activities. This instrument will intensify cooperation between the two countries, particularly in the fields of sustainability, energy, life sciences and health.

The Spanish Minister for Science and Innovation, Diana Morant Ripoll, and the Swiss Ambassador to Spain and Andorra, Hanspeter Mock - representing the State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation, Martina Hirayama - signed a joint declaration aimed at strengthening the strong and diversified ties that already exist between Switzerland and Spain in many areas of research and innovation. The two countries reaffirmed their will to promote the development of their relations in research and innovation by fostering joint initiatives and projects, conferences and symposia, the exchange of information and mobility.

The joint declaration signed today has a duration of five years. Cooperation will be promoted in all areas. During the period 2023 to 2028, particular emphasis will be placed on the topics of climate and sustainability, digital transformation, energy, equality and diversity, humanities and social sciences, life sciences and health, quantum sciences and technologies, and space. The cooperation initiatives set out in the joint declaration can be conceptualized and implemented independently by the various Swiss and Spanish research and innovation entities and institutions.