innovation promotion agency CTI

innovation promotion agency CTI

The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) is the Confederation’s innovation promotion agency. It lends support to R&D projects, to entrepre-neurship as well as to the development of start-up companies. CTI helps to optimise knowledge and technology transfer through the use of national thematic networks.

CTI lends support to:

  1. Market-oriented R&D projects;
  2. Creation and development of start-up companies;
  3. Knowledge and technology transfer.

Support is generally available for R&D projects relating to scientific innovations in all disciplines. Project proposals are submitted using the bottom-up principle and are mainly selected on the basis of their innovativeness and market potential.

The CTI Entrepreneurship programme offers made-to-measure training modules for up-and-coming entrepreneurs. These training modules provide the knowledge, skills and methodology needed to establish a new company and successfully transform their promising business ideas into marketable products and services. Young entrepreneurs can also benefit from professional coaching. New knowledge-intensive and technology-based companies with considerable market potential are eligible.

The CTI supports the transfer of knowledge and technology between higher education institutions and industry in a targeted and results-oriented manner. In addition, innovative Swiss businesses and researchers should have development opportunities through access to international programmes and networks such as EUREKA, ERANet and EU-FP7, or European technology platforms (ETP).