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Postdoctoral position in synthesis of two-dimensional nanoporous materials

EPFL-Laboratory of Advanced Separations (LAS)
Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering
WorkplaceSion, Valais, Switzerland
Duration2 years
Occupation rate100%
StartMay 15, 2017

The research at LAS deals with the bottom-up and top-down synthesis of novel two-dimensional nanoporous materials for application in membranes and membrane reactors. Our synthesis tools include chemical vapor deposition (CVD), molecular layer deposition (MLD), hydrothermal and solvothermal crystallization as well as physical vapor deposition (PVD). We focus on developing scalable synthetic routes for the fabrication of stable, reproducible membranes. Taking full advance of the state-of-the-art characterization facility at EPFL, we seek to uncover the structure-property relationship of two-dimensional materials and their films, to develop the next generation membranes and membrane reactors.

Current projects in LAS deal with

  • Synthesis of atom-thick graphene with tunable nanopores.
  • Expanding the library of two-dimensional nanoporous sheets by top-down exfoliation (zeolites, g-C3N4, etc.).
  • Molecular layer deposition of metal-organic frameworks (MOF) film.
  • Synthesis of stable Pd membranes and reactors for production of pure hydrogen.
  • Fabrication of mixed-matrix membranes.
  • Hybrid membranes.

In terms of separation, our current focus is

  • Hydrogen purification
  • Carbon capture
  • Hydrocarbons


LAS is looking to hire bright and enthusiastic scientist as a postdoctoral researcher to conduct research on the synthesis of novel nanoporous two-dimensional materials. The lead approach would be top-down exfoliation of two-dimensional layered precursors. The project would involve extensive characterization (microscopy, spectroscopy, crystallography, etc.). Phase II of the project would involve fabrication of membranes.

For more details, contact Prof. Agrawal at kumar.agrawal epfl.ch.


  • PhD degree after Jan 1, 2016.
  • Extensive skills in material characterization (preference would be given to candidates who have the working knowledge of HRTEM, STM, AFM).
  • Excellent publication record.
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English.

We offer

Salary: CHF 81,400/year (equivalent to USD 80000/year) or higher depending upon qualifications.


Laboratory of Advanced Separations (LAS)
EPFL Valais Wallis EPFL SB ISIC LAS Rue de l’Industrie 17 Case Postale 440 CH-1950 Sion
Web las.epfl.ch
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