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WorkplaceZurich, Zurich Region, Switzerland
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Master’s student

Investigation of structural and magnetotransport properties of topological Weyl semimetals

Ref. 2021_011

Description Weyl semimetals are a novel class of topological quantum materials, which exhibit intriguing physical phenomena, including giant thermoelectric and magnetoresistance effects, chiral anomaly and quantum oscillations. The peculiar properties of Weyl semimetals stem from their non-trivial electronic band structure in which linearly dispersing conduction and valence bands converge in discrete points – the so-called Weyl nodes – where the charge carriers behave as topologically-protected, massless, chiral quasiparticles. So far, most of the studies on Weyl semimetals have focused on the investigation of bulk systems and little is yet known about their behavior at the micro- and nanoscale. In this respect the investigation of thin films and microstructured devices is of particular interest for the potential realization of microelectronic devices with enhanced energy efficiency and novel functionalities Requirements We are looking for a highly motivated master’s student enrolled in physics, materials science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, or related field. The candidate will carry out experimental activities and data analysis for the investigation of structural and electronic properties of Weyl semimetals. The candidate will have the opportunity to make experience with state-of-the-art experimental facilities at IBM. Furthermore, Measurements on the final devices in high magnetic fields (20 T) and dilution-fridge temperatures (10 mK) are envisioned in the host lab at EPFL.

The project will be supervised in collaboration between teams at IBM Research Europe in Zurich (Bernd Gotsmann and Alan Molinari), and the EPFL (Prof. Philip Moll).

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How to apply If you are interested in this exciting position, please submit your most recent curriculum and relevant university transcripts.

For more information on technical questions please contact
Dr. Bernd Gotsmann
Dr. Alan Molinari

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