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Master’s thesis

Investigation of Magnetothermal Transport in Weyl Semimetals

Ref. 2022_036

Weyl semimetals are a novel class of topological materials characterized by exceptional charge carrier properties, such as nearly-zero mass, extremely high mobility, and non-trivial Berry phase in cyclotron motion, making these materials a perfect playground to explore exotic transport phenomena.
Preliminary experiments on thermal transport of Weyl semimetals show a striking breaking of the Wiedemann Franz law, anomalous quantum oscillations in the thermal conductivity, and strong modulation of the Seebeck coefficient with a magnetic field. However, their microscopic origin is not understood, and more experiments are demanded given the high potential for future technological applications.

We are looking for a highly motivated master’s student enrolled in physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, or related fields. The candidate will have the opportunity to make experience with state-of-the-art experimental facilities at IBM. They will be involved in the design and fabrication of chips/MEMS for thermal and electrical characterization of Focus Ion Beam (FIB) micro-structured devices (like the one in the picture), and they will perform high precision electrical measurements followed by data analysis and modeling.

The candidate will join the Physics & Science of Information group at IBM Research Europe in Zurich. The project is available for a minimum duration of six months. Please note that this is a non-remunerated M.Sc. thesis project, not a funded position.


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