house and food

house and food

The following groceries exist in all towns and have a wide range of food and household articles: Migros, Coop, Manor und Globus.

In many towns twice a week local producers participate to the market where you mainly find regional products.

For big family, we suggest to visit ALIGRO, it is a food wholesaler for restaurants where under some conditions also private client can shop.

On-line shop

Like everywhere in Europe, the largest grocery stores, e. g. Migros and Coop, offer the on-line shop with home delivery. Check the Web-site Le Shop and Coop@home, respectively.

It is worth to point out that local farmer associations organized on-line services to sell their products, for instance: Fribourg; Geneva; Lausanne; Neuchâtel


The following furniture stores have a wide range of cheap furniture and household articles: IKEA , Interio , Fly, Toptip. They are situated outside towns, and you often need a car to go there except for the 9 IKEA shops which are well served by bus and trains.

For furnishing complements and fancy goods, have a look to Casa et, in the French part of Switzerland, to Maxibazar; there you are going to find nice and cheap solutions.

In closing, if you have no budget limits have fun in the small furniture shops in town centers !

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