Switzerland’s well-established biotech companies, combined with the strength of its universities and technical institutes, have helped to build an innovative and dynamic biotechnology industry.The number of biotechnology firms in the country has more than doubled since 1997, and Switzerland boasts the world’s highest per capita biotech density. Today, Switzerland has the sixth largest biotech market in Europe. Companies in the industry range from leading multinationals to innovative university start-ups, and the industry is well diversified, with firms conducting R&D activities in all areas of biotechnology.

Jobs in biotechnology

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Biotech clusters

  • Bio Alps (Lake of Geneva Area) is one of the major European centres for biotech research. More than 200 biotechnology and medical technology companies, over 500 research laboratories, more than 10 universities, university hospitals and technical schools have made this region their home.
  • Biopolo Ticino (Southern part of Switzerland) acts as a one-stop shop and a portal for life sciences in, to and from the Ticino. One of the goals of Biopolo Ticino is to align, network and integrate the life sciences value chain in the Ticino.
  • Basel Area+ (Greater Basel Area) is home to one of the world’s most successful life scienes clusters with companies in modern biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, agribusiness, nanotechnology, medical technology and specialty chemicals and with headquarters of global companies as Novartis, Roche, Syngenta and Lonza, as well as young and growing companies.
  • Toolpoint is a cluster initiative focused on Life Science Instrument Companies. It generates benefits by combining competencies across member companies with mutual interests in order to increase their competitiveness by reducing costs, increasing efficiency and enabling inter-company projects.

Research projects

SystemsX is a joint initiative in Systems Biology and was created to enhance and extend transdiciplinary research. The aim of SystemsX is to integrate existing technical and intellectual resources with the appropriate facilities and financial support. It consists of the following partners: The ETH Zürich, the EPF Lausanne, the Friedrich Miescher Institute, the Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics and the Universities of Basel, Berne, Fribourg, Geneva, Lausanne and Zurich.

Biotech web portals

  • Swissbiotech is an information portal to biotechnology launched by federal agencies.
  • The page provides free access to a directory and information platform comprising data of Life Sciences and Biotechnology companies and institutes in Switzerland including company description, additional information and categorization.
  • Biotechnet is a virtual network enabling companies and interested institutions to activate biotechnological expertise according to their specific needs. Besides highly specific services for biotechnological R&D offers also process and development consulting.


  • The Swiss Biotech Association is the Swiss national association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, regional biotechnology centres and related organisations throughout Switzerland. Its webpage provides informationen about the biotech scene in Swizerland.

Biotech Reports

  • The Swiss Biotech Report covers the numerous private and public initiatives to staff a continuously growing labour market of the Swiss biotech industry.
  • The OECD key biotech indicators bring together the latest available economic and activity data on biotechnology and innovation.