Computer Science - Mathematics - May 3
Computer Science - Mathematics
The use of credit cards and other cashless or digital payment methods has become the norm for consumers all over the globe, and the strong surge of online buying during the pandemic has further boosted this decade-long trend. However, behind the convenience of 'click and pay' there are also risks, such as fraud and related losses, which are mostly borne by the card companies.
Mathematics - Apr 26

Mechanical engineers and mathematicians at EPFL have joined forces to gain a better understanding of the geometry and mechanics of two filaments in contact - as in the cases of knots and woven fabrics.

Life Sciences - Mathematics - Jan 27
Life Sciences - Mathematics

Unlike their simple counterparts in artificial intelligence (AI) applications, neurons in the brain use dendrites - their intricate tree-like branches - to find relevant chunks of information.

Life Sciences - Mathematics - Dec 3, 2020
Life Sciences - Mathematics

The world's smallest primate reveals the incredible preservation of our visual system through millions of years of evolution.

Health - Mathematics - Jan 29
Health - Mathematics

Where do the greatest risks of infection lurk? How can you protect yourself and others even better? Scientists all over the world are working to expand knowledge about Covid-19 - including at Empa.

Computer Science - Mathematics - Jan 4
Computer Science - Mathematics

For the first time, researchers at ETH Zurich have successfully automated the modelling of turbulence.

Health - Mathematics - Aug 6, 2020
Health - Mathematics

Engineers at EPFL and local startup Intuitive Therapeutics have developed software that can produce optimized surgical plans for Gamma Knife radiosurgery.

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Mathematics - 21.04
Doktorand*in Mathematikdidaktik in der angewandten Mathematik in Life Sciences (100 %) Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz FHNW, Muttenz
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