Mathematics - Physics - Nov 4
Mathematics - Physics
A team from the University of Geneva has implemented a new way to secure data transfers based on the physical principle of relativity. The volume of data transferred is constantly increasing, but the absolute security of these exchanges cannot be guaranteed, as shown by cases of hacking frequently reported in the news.
Astronomy - Mathematics - Aug 29

The Bernese theoretical astrophysicist Kevin Heng has achieved a rare feat: On paper, he has derived novel solutions to an old mathematical problem needed to calculate light reflections from planets and moons. Now, data can be interpreted in a simple way to understand planetary atmospheres, for example. The new formulae will likely be incorporated into future textbooks.

Mathematics - Jul 16

An international research team of cryptographers completed a detailed security analysis of the popular Telegram messaging platform identifying several weaknesses in its protocol that demonstrate the product falls short of some essential data security guarantees.

Computer Science - Mathematics - Jun 11
Computer Science - Mathematics

Next week, the first European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics will take place in Zurich. The competition, which will have around 160 participants from 43 countries, is being organised by ETH students, who also came up with the original idea and are the driving force behind the event.

Health - Mathematics - Aug 26
Health - Mathematics

An international collaboration with EPFL has developed a method to improve the performance of COVID-19 contact-tracing apps by taking into account a user's recent contacts, risk levels and shared information about tests and symptoms.

Mathematics - Jun 14

Engineers at EPFL and École Polytechnique in France analyzed the friction between pages in a book and the mechanical force needed to bend them. Drawing on their experiments, they developed a new theoretical model for predicting the elasto-frictional behavior of stacked layers.

Computer Science - Mathematics - May 3
Computer Science - Mathematics

The use of credit cards and other cashless or digital payment methods has become the norm for consumers all over the globe, and the strong surge of online buying during the pandemic has further boosted this decade-long trend.

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