Health - Mathematics - May 27
Health - Mathematics
ETH researchers are using a new mathematical model to calculate a possible second wave of the pandemic in Switzerland. Even though such a wave would probably grow more slowly than the first without overloading hospitals, its death toll may turn out to be significantly higher. Should Switzerland see a second wave of the coro rus pandemic, it would proceed more slowly than the first.
Mathematics - May 26

An international research collaboration led by ETH Zurich and MIT has developed a mathematical method that can speed up search and rescue operations at sea.

Life Sciences - Mathematics - Jan 21
Life Sciences - Mathematics

Reconstructing structure and function of a neuronal circuit The function of neuronal circuits is thought to be determined largely by specific connections between neurons.

Mathematics - Apr 21

Using the famous computer game Minecraft, Mathematicians at EPFL have developed a video game around Eulerian Cycles.

Physics - Mathematics - Jan 7
Physics - Mathematics

A physicist suggests that the mathematical language spoken by classical physics should be changed to make room for indeterminism and an open future.

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