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Earth Sciences - History/Archeology
Scanners reveal a wreck in the Lake Geneva
Scanners reveal a wreck in the Lake Geneva
Scientists have discovered a new wreck on the bottom of the Lake Geneva. Underwater archaeology is benefiting from scanners developed for scientific research. “It's always a memorable moment when you find an unknown shipwreck. It's not on the maps, and after having gone around it, I didn't see any inscription on its hull,” explains Evgeny Chernyaev, who was piloting the submersible.
Media - History/Archeology
Swiss democracy unexceptional
Swiss democracy unexceptional
Switzerland is not the democracy par excellence as thought, but only a mediocre one and ranks fourteenth when compared with twenty-nine established democracies.
History/Archeology - Environment/Sustainable Development
Climate impact on ancient societies
Climate impact on ancient societies
Annual-resolved European summer climate has, for the first time ever, been reconstructed over the past 2,500 years. Tree rings reveal possible links between past climate variability and changes in human history. Climate change coincided with periods of socioeconomic, cultural and political turmoil associated with the Barbarian Migrations, the Black Death and Thirty Years' War.

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