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Environment - Chemistry - 16.05.2014
Experiment sheds new light on cloud formation
Experiment sheds new light on cloud formation
CERN 's CLOUD experiment has shown that biogenic vapours emitted by trees and oxidised in the atmosphere have a significant impact on the formation of clouds, thus helping to cool the planet. These biogenic aerosols are what give forests seen from afar their characteristic blue haze. The CLOUD study shows that the oxidised biogenic vapours bind with sulphuric acid to form embryonic particles which can then grow to become the seeds on which cloud droplets can form.

Chemistry - Environment - 28.04.2014
Sunlight to jet fuel
Sunlight to jet fuel
In the framework of the EU-project Solarjet, scientists demonstrate for the first time the entire production path to liquid hydrocarbon fuels from water, CO2 and solar energy. The key technological component is a solar reactor developed at ETH Zurich. By playing this video, you agree to the use of cookies by YouTube This may include analytics, personalization, and ads.

Environment - Transport - 28.04.2014
The entire production path of
The entire production path of "solar" kerosene
With the first ever production of synthesized "solar" jet fuel, the EU-funded SOLAR-JET project has successfully demonstrated the entire production chain for renewable kerosene obtained directly from sunlight, water and carbon dioxide (CO2), therein potentially revolutionizing the future of aviation.