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Economics / Business - Innovation - 09.02.2021
Thematic ETFs,
Thematic ETFs, "a financial innovation gone awry"
Catering to the future expectations of investors is inherent to the world of finance which, as such, plays an import role in fostering economic growth through it's ability to innovate. However, financial innovations are not always flawless. A recent study co-authored by USI finance professor Francesco Franzoni reveals the significant performance inefficiencies of the increasingly popular 'thematic' exchange traded funds (ETFs).

Environment - Economics / Business - 20.01.2021
Modelling the energy transition
Modelling the energy transition
An interdisciplinary research team from ETH Zurich is developing the Nexus-e modelling platform in a project supported by the Swiss Federal Office of Energy. The platform facilitates the analysis of how technological, economic and regulatory developments affect the energy system of the future. Switzerland's energy system will undergo a fundamental transformation in the coming years.

Campus - Economics / Business - 20.01.2021
How Fellow Students Improve Your Own Grades
Better grades thanks to your fellow students? A study conducted by the University of Zurich's Faculty of Business, Economics and Informatics has revealed that not only the grade point average, gender and nationality peers can influence your own academic achievement, but so can their personalities. Intensive contact and interaction with persistent fellow students improve your own performance, and this effect even endures in subsequent semesters.