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Career - Sport - 03.10.2023
Reflecting on one's values increases success in job search
Reflecting on one’s values increases success in job search
Researchers show in a new study that a short reflection exercise to boost self confidence increases job search success. This holds true even for the long-term unemployed and people over 50. For many people, losing their job is not only a financial burden but also a psychological one. They are stressed, worry about their social status and begin to doubt themselves.

Pharmacology - Career - 27.09.2023
How a suction cup delivers medications to the bloodstream
How a suction cup delivers medications to the bloodstream
Researchers at ETH Zurich have developed a suction cup that allows medications to be absorbed through the mucosal lining of the cheeks. This new approach could spare millions of patients the pain and fear associated with injections. Many of today's medications belong to groups of relatively large molecules such as peptides.

Social Sciences - Career - 26.04.2023
Misconceptions Put Women Off STEM Subjects
Young women seem to be less drawn to degrees in science or technology. But what is putting them off? A sociological study at UZH has revealed that outdated gender stereotypes - such as supposed differences in analytical thinking - play a major role. Why do so few female school leavers with good grades in mathematics choose to study a technical subject - despite the high salaries and good employment prospects in the STEM sector? This question has long preoccupied the social sciences, especially as studies show that girls and boys do equally well in mathematics at school.