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Research Management - Administration - 25.06.2021

Agronomy / Food Science - Environment - 25.06.2021

Physics - Environment - 24.06.2021

Health - 23.06.2021
Novartis and Hewlett Packard Enterprise join forces to advance Novartis global health efforts
Novartis is collaborating with Hewlett Packard Enterprise to accelerate the use of data and digital technologies within its efforts to reimagine global health and improve access to healthcare and medicines.

Pharmacology - Health - 23.06.2021
Positive survival data for Novartis investigational radioligand therapy 177Lu-PSMA-617 published in The New England Journal of Medicine
VISION manuscript shows that 177 Lu-PSMA-617 plus standard of care (SOC) significantly improved overall survival and radiographic progression-free survival for patients with metastatic castration-res

Environment - Architecture - 23.06.2021

Social Sciences - 22.06.2021
Actively Addressing Inequalities Promotes Social Change
People who have contact with other social groups are more likely to be committed to social justice. However, an international study led by the University of Zurich has shown that for this to be the case, power relations and discrimination must be actively addressed and group-specific needs must be met.

Health - Life Sciences - 22.06.2021
Female researchers on the move
In autumn 2021 a new Centre for biomedical reseach will be inaugurated in Bellinzona. To support this event, Ticino Management features a special series of articles presenting the activities of the two main residents of the facility, IRB and IOR.

Environment - Campus - 22.06.2021
New connector for sustainable structures on Earth and in space
New connector for sustainable structures on Earth and in space
As part of his Master's degree in civil engineering, an EPFL student developed a connector for use in building sustainable structures.

Astronomy / Space Science - 22.06.2021

Innovation - Event - 18.06.2021

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 18.06.2021
'The term 'artificial' is often associated with risk'
’The term ’artificial’ is often associated with risk’
Is natural always good and artificial always bad? We talked to psychologist Angela Bearth and biotechnologist Sven Panke about science, scepticism, misunderstandings and how language influences the way we think.

Chemistry - Campus - 18.06.2021

Sport - Career - 18.06.2021

Environment - 18.06.2021
Juggling with constant change
Juggling with constant change
A cultural landscape reflects the combined activity of nature and humans. Where has the equilibrium of this union been lost? And how can we restore the balance? Putting on the VR headset, Maya finds herself immersed in a landscape where a dozen wind turbines are busy generating electricity. Whenever she moves, this immediately triggers sounds linked to the virtual image.

Pharmacology - Health - 18.06.2021
New Zolgensma data demonstrate age-appropriate development when used presymptomatically and rapid, clinically meaningful efficacy in symptomatic children, even those with severe SMA at baseline
All children (100%) treated presymptomatically in the SPR1NT two-copy cohort survived without respiratory or nutritional support, and sat independently for =30 seconds, most (11/14) within the WHO wi

Environment - Life Sciences - 17.06.2021
Protection and promotion of native crayfish
Protection and promotion of native crayfish
Formerly widespread, native crayfish in Switzerland are now highly endangered. With support from Eawag, experts are doing everything they can to preserve the secretive river dwellers.

Health - Pharmacology - 16.06.2021
How do immune cells get activated?
How do immune cells get activated?
By studying the structure of cellular receptors and of the molecules that activate them, scientists at the Universities of Geneva and Basel are deciphering the details of immune cell activation. Chemokine receptors, located at the surface of many immune cells, play an important role in their function.

Pharmacology - Health - 16.06.2021

Agronomy / Food Science - Environment - 16.06.2021
Updating the self-sufficiency ratio
Updating the self-sufficiency ratio
The level of self-sufficiency indicates the extent to which agricultural performance ensures food security.

Computer Science - Campus - 16.06.2021
New Imaging Center Pools the Know-How of Five EPFL Schools
New Imaging Center Pools the Know-How of Five EPFL Schools
EPFL has just opened a new imaging center to serve as a hub for state-of-the-art technology in imaging systems.

Environment - Economics / Business - 15.06.2021

Computer Science - Campus - 15.06.2021
Artificial intelligence speeds land-use classification
Artificial intelligence speeds land-use classification
An EPFL Master's student has shown that artificial intelligence can be used to further automate the process of land-use classification in Switzerland, especially for rare and complicated land categories that until now have been classified manually.

Materials Science - Physics - 14.06.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - 14.06.2021
State Secretary Hirayama in Portugal to attend Africa-Europe Space Earth Observation High-Level Forum and hold bilateral talks
State Secretary Martina Hirayama participated in the Africa-Europe Space Earth Observation High-Level Forum in Lisbon on 11 and 12 June.

Life Sciences - Chemistry - 14.06.2021
They build proteins that are not known to nature
They build proteins that are not known to nature
Using chemical synthesis, Bright Peak Therapeutics can produce proteins that have never before existed.

Event - Life Sciences - 14.06.2021

Innovation - Administration - 14.06.2021

Environment - Economics / Business - 11.06.2021
Skewed perceptions in climate policy
The benefits of strict climate policies are often underestimated in public debate, while the costs are generally overestimated, says Lucas Bretschger. Climate protection does not have a negative impact on economic development. Climate policies will permanently affect the structures of our economies.

Computer Science - Mathematics - 11.06.2021
How ETH students established the first all-female Olympiad in Informatics
How ETH students established the first all-female Olympiad in Informatics
Next week, the first European Girls' Olympiad in Informatics will take place in Zurich. The competition, which will have around 160 participants from 43 countries, is being organised by ETH students, who also came up with the original idea and are the driving force behind the event.

Pharmacology - Health - 11.06.2021
Novartis investigational oral therapy iptacopan (LNP023) shows benefit as monotherapy in treatment-na´ve patients with rare and life-threatening blood disorder paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
First-in-class, oral, targeted factor B inhibitor iptacopan substantially reduced both intraand extravascular hemolysis when given as monotherapy in a Phase II study of anti-C5 na´ve paroxysmal noctu

Health - Pharmacology - 11.06.2021

Pharmacology - Health - 11.06.2021
Roche announces data at EHA2021 reinforcing efficacy of Venclexta/Venclyxto combinations in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and acute myeloid leukaemia
Four-year follow-up analysis from the phase III CLL14 study showed progression-free survival rate of 74.0% in previously untreated patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL) three years

Environment - 11.06.2021

Pedagogy - 10.06.2021
'Mars Mission' attracts more than 700 students from around the world
’Mars Mission’ attracts more than 700 students from around the world
The R2T2 Mars Mission is an educational project developed at EPFL for grade-school and high-school classes that use the Thymio robot.

Computer Science - Campus - 10.06.2021

Innovation - Environment - 10.06.2021
NEST to open its virtual doors
The research and innovation building NEST of Empa and Eawag can now be visited virtually at any time and from anywhere in the world.

Research Management - Campus - 09.06.2021

Veterinary - 08.06.2021
No room for discrimination or harassment
Discrimination and harassment violate scientific integrity - but the damage they do goes beyond that.

Physics - Chemistry - 08.06.2021