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Chemistry - 15.03.2018
Removing heavy metals from water
EPFL chemists have developed a new material that can remove heavy metals from water and make it drinkable in seconds.

Life Sciences - 15.03.2018
Which Predators Make a Meal of Drosophila suzukii?
Which Predators Make a Meal of Drosophila suzukii?
Zurich-Reckenholz, 15.03.2018 - In search of native natural enemies of the exotic spotted-wing drosophila, Agroscope experts have developed a method for detecting its genetic material in the stomachs of predators. The spotted-wing drosophila (SWD or Drosophila suzukii ) is an introduced vinegar fly species that causes serious damage in Swiss crops.

Agronomy / Food Science - Life Sciences - 14.03.2018
Agroscope Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Global Seed Vault
Agroscope Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Global Seed Vault
Changins, 14.03.2018 - Agroscope went to Svalbard, Norway, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Global Plant Seed Vault, where over a million seed varieties from all around the world are stored in duplicate.

Environment - Life Sciences - 14.03.2018
Climate change drives mountain hares to higher altitudes
Climate change drives mountain hares to higher altitudes
A warming climate will shrink and fragment mountain hare habitat in the Swiss Alps. Populations are likely to decline as a result, concludes an international study led by the University of Bern and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL). Specialised species like the mountain hare, adapted to life at high altitudes, are particularly affected by climate change.

Astronomy / Space Science - 14.03.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Business / Economics - 12.03.2018

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 12.03.2018
Brain Awareness Week 2018
Brain Awareness Week 2018
From brain-controlled communication to reducing tinnitus through thought, this series of interviews with Wyss Center staff will put cutting edge neurotechnology in the spotlight.

Administration / Government - Business / Economics - 09.03.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 09.03.2018
A wireless patch for monitoring emergency-room patients
A wireless patch for monitoring emergency-room patients
A small, wireless patch developed by EPFL spin-off Smartcardia can measure emergency-room patients' vital signs with the same reliability as existing systems involving cumbersome cables. After extensive testing at several hospitals, the device recently obtained the European Union's CE marking for medical devices and will be launched on the market in the coming days.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 09.03.2018
Colorectal cancer: Screening should include environment, genetic factors
ANN ARBOR-When it comes to colorectal cancer, many people would benefit from individually tailored screening rather than standardized population guidelines. A new risk-prediction model, built by researchers at the University of Michigan and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch) in Seattle and colleagues, assesses the impact of environment and genetic factors on the development of colorectal cancer.

Medicine / Pharmacology - 08.03.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Continuing Education - 08.03.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 08.03.2018
How cellular structure orchestrates immunologic memory
How cellular structure orchestrates immunologic memory
With every infection or vaccination, memory cells form that the body uses to remember the pathogen. This has been known for decades - but the structure of this cellular immunologic memory has previously proven impossible to pin down.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Psychology - 08.03.2018
Stress eating can start in early childhood, may lead to extra weight later
ANN ARBOR-The link between emotions and eating has been well established but new research from the University of Michigan shows that children as young as 4 who experience stress eat more in the absence of hunger, beginning a cycle that could possibly mean extra pounds down the road.

Life Sciences - Medicine / Pharmacology - 08.03.2018
Neuro XXceptional: Celebrating exceptional women
Women scientists and clinicians are creators and changemakers, expanding the boundaries of human knowledge The Neuro has launched Neuro XXceptional - an exciting new year-long video series featuring

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 07.03.2018

Environment - Civil Engineering - 07.03.2018
A panel of women alumnae celebrate 90 years of hydraulics research
A panel of women alumnae celebrate 90 years of hydraulics research
Six women EPFL alumnae will take to the podium on 8 March to discuss the main challenges in hydraulic engineering, as part of an event commemorating 90 years of hydraulics research in Lausanne.

Innovation / Technology - Administration / Government - 07.03.2018
Connected vehicle tech: Mandate now to save lives
ANN ARBOR-Up to 8.1 million car crashes and 44,000 deaths could be prevented if the federal government mandated connected vehicle technology now, rather than waiting even three years to develop and evaluate competing technologies.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 06.03.2018
Novartis’ Xolair recommended in new global chronic urticaria guideline
Xolair (omalizumab), indicated as add-on therapy for the treatment of chronic spontaneous urticaria (CSU) , is the only therapy recommended by the guideline for patients unresponsive to antihistamine

Careers / Employment - 06.03.2018

Business / Economics - Medicine / Pharmacology - 06.03.2018

Innovation / Technology - Environment - 06.03.2018
CMU Energy Week To Tackle Pressing Challenges, April 4-6 - News - Carnegie Mellon University
San Juan Mayor, CMU alumna Carmen Yulín Cruz to attend Carnegie Mellon University's Wilton E. Scott Institute for Energy Innovation will host its third annual CMU Energy Week , April 4-6.

Innovation / Technology - Administration / Government - 05.03.2018

Careers / Employment - Art and Design - 05.03.2018

Innovation / Technology - 02.03.2018

Electroengineering - Mechanical Engineering - 02.03.2018

Business / Economics - Careers / Employment - 02.03.2018
Jobs, wages, higher after-tax pay keeps consumer confidence high
ANN ARBOR-Consumer sentiment has remained at very favorable levels for more than a year. In the February survey, it was just below the October 2017 peak of 100.7, the highest level since 2004, according to the University of Michigan Surveys of Consumers.

Business / Economics - 02.03.2018
U-M expert discusses Trump, tariffs, trade
U-M expert discusses Trump, tariffs, trade
FACULTY Q&A President Trump's announcement to impose stiff tariffs on aluminum and steel imports is causing alarm among trade partners who fear the tariffs could lead to a trade war.

Innovation / Technology - Computer Science / Telecom - 01.03.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation / Technology - 01.03.2018
International Film Festival to Focus on "Faces of (In)Equality,” March 22-April 8
Strip District firm is industry leader in training employees to prevent cyber attacks Proofpoint Inc.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation / Technology - 01.03.2018

Literature / Linguistics - Sport Sciences - 01.03.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Computer Science / Telecom - 01.03.2018
Tartans Go to the Theater in Second Act of Athletics-Drama Collaboration
NSF awards $10 million to researchers at five universities Carnegie Mellon University is part of a five-year, $10 million program sponsored by the National Science Foundation to develop a new type of camera that peers deep beneath the skin to help diagnose and monitor a wide variety of health conditions.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 01.03.2018
U-M announces licensing agreement with Baxter for reconstructive surgery technology
U-M announces licensing agreement with Baxter for reconstructive surgery technology
ANN ARBOR-A new surgical device developed at the University of Michigan could make it quicker and easier to connect arteries in complicated procedures such as reconstructing a breast after mastectomy, or a severely injured leg after a car accident.

Innovation / Technology - Continuing Education - 01.03.2018

Life Sciences - Mathematics - 28.02.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - History / Archeology - 28.02.2018
Acetylcholine Wakes Silent Neural Network by Targeting Nicotine Receptors
Crucial World War II encryption devices have found a home at the Carnegie Mellon University Libraries thanks to the generosity of author Pamela McCorduck, wife of the late Computer Science Department Head Joseph Traub.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Administration / Government - 27.02.2018
European Commission approves Roche’s Hemlibra for people with haemophilia A with inhibitors
European Commission approves Roche's Hemlibra for people with haemophilia A with inhibitors First new medicine in over 20 years to treat people with haemophilia A with inhibitors in Europe Hemlibra d

Medicine / Pharmacology - Physics / Materials Science - 27.02.2018
Lausanne-Villigen return
Nowhere in the world have so many ocular tumours been irradiated with protons as at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI.

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 27.02.2018

Innovation / Technology - Administration / Government - 27.02.2018

Medicine / Pharmacology - Innovation / Technology - 26.02.2018
With Health EU, everyone will have an avatar to manage their health
With Health EU, everyone will have an avatar to manage their health
In the future, will people have virtual twins to help monitor their health? That is what Health EU is proposing.

Medicine / Pharmacology - Life Sciences - 26.02.2018
The onset of Alzheimer’s disease: the importance of family history
You're about to turn 60, and you're fretting. Your mother has had Alzheimer's disease since the age of 65. At what age will the disease strike you? A Canadian study published in JAMA Neurology shows that the closer a person gets to the age at which their parent exhibited the first signs of Alzheimer's, the more likely they are to have amyloid plaques, the cause of the cognitive decline associated with the disease, in their brain.

Electroengineering - Computer Science / Telecom - 23.02.2018

Business / Economics - Academic Rankings - 23.02.2018

Physics / Materials Science - 22.02.2018

Business / Economics - Medicine / Pharmacology - 22.02.2018
Family Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation to Finance New Center for Research into Long-Term Effects of Breastfeeding
What are the reasons a mother does or does not breastfeed? What effect does the decision have on the child, the mother, and society? Although there is a lot of scientific evidence for the health benef

Medicine / Pharmacology - 22.02.2018
Treatment with Novartis’ Ultibro Breezhaler improved cardiac function in COPD patients with lung hyperinflation
Ultibro Breezhaler provided significant improvements in cardiac and lung function in COPD patients with lung hyperinflation, compared to placebo CLAIM is the first study to investigate the effect of dual bronchodilation on cardiac function Data published in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine Basel, February 22, 2018 - Novartis today announced the publication of the CLAIM * study in the Lancet Respiratory Medicine, which demonstrated that trea