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Economics / Business - Health - 18.05.2020
Economic scenarios for a post-Covid recovery
As we enter a new phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, with the gradual reopening of productive and commercial activities, many people are wondering if and how we will return to normal and, above all, if there will be an effective economic recovery ahead.

Health - 18.05.2020
Who chooses the path that data takes?
The Internet in its current form is outdated, believes Adrian Perrig. He's set on creating an Internet where society would regain more control.

Materials Science - Health - 18.05.2020

Architecture - Environment - 18.05.2020
Experiments in the kitchen and architectural models in the sandpit
Experiments in the kitchen and architectural models in the sandpit
What happens when COVID-19 means architecture students have to get by without a workshop, electrical engineers without high-voltage laboratories and environmental scientists without field trips.

Health - Economics / Business - 14.05.2020

Environment - Economics / Business - 13.05.2020

Mechanical Engineering - Health - 12.05.2020
Creating a low-cost ventilator for all
Creating a low-cost ventilator for all
ETH Professor Kristina Shea and her team are busy developing a new ventilator. Their aim is to make it as inexpensive, modular and easy to use as possible - the ideal combination for any country that needs this medical device.

Media - Innovation - 12.05.2020
The virtual made real - new technology for the media of the future
Moving images in the newspaper as in Harry Potter, or digital weather forecasts in the Bern dialect? New media technology is transforming journalism.

Economics / Business - 11.05.2020
Market volatility and economic policy in the age of coronavirus
In the financial markets, volatility has never been as high as during the outbreak of Covid-19, which represents the classic 'Black Swan', or unexpected, event.

Health - Computer Science - 11.05.2020
EPFL Launches Center for Intelligent Systems
EPFL's new Center for Intelligent Systems (CIS) will act as a research promotion platform for bringing together experts in machine learning, data science, computer vision, cyberphysical systems, and robotics.

Materials Science - Environment - 11.05.2020

Health - Economics / Business - 11.05.2020
The effects of the pandemic on the Middle East Mediterranean region
How are Middle East Mediterranean countries reacting to the ongoing crisis, which adds to the existing fragility and geopolitical tensions?

Innovation - Career - 08.05.2020

Health - Life Sciences - 08.05.2020
More Selective Elimination of Leukemia Stem Cells and Blood Stem Cells
More Selective Elimination of Leukemia Stem Cells and Blood Stem Cells
Hematopoietic stem cells from a healthy donor can help patients suffering from acute leukemia. However, the side effects of therapies are often severe. A group of researchers led by the University of Zurich have now shown how human healthy and cancerous hematopoietic stem cells can be more selectively eliminated using immunotherapy instead of chemotherapy in mice.

Pharmacology - 07.05.2020
Flowbone can help prevent bone fractures caused by osteoporosis
Flowbone can help prevent bone fractures caused by osteoporosis
EPFL scientists have developed a gel that can locally reinforce bones weakened by osteoporosis. The startup they created, called Flowbone, has just made it through the second round of the Venture Kick competition. Femoral neck fractures occur frequently among the elderly, and are usually caused by osteoporosis - a disease that weakens the bone structure.

Economics / Business - Environment - 07.05.2020

Earth Sciences - 07.05.2020

Economics / Business - 06.05.2020
Economic experiments: between science and ideology
The experimental approach to scientific research is a fundamental element in the vast world of natural and technical sciences. Social sciences, including economics, also use the experimental approach. In a contribution recently published in the economic and financial newspaper Finanz und Wirtschaft , François Degeorge ,, professor of finance at USI and director of the Swiss Finance Institute (SFI), compares scientific and ideological experiments.

Innovation - Health - 06.05.2020

Agronomy / Food Science - Environment - 05.05.2020
Meat alternatives at the Empa restaurant
Meat alternatives at the Empa restaurant
«One Two We» is a sustainability program launched by the SV Group and WWF Switzerland. The goal is to reduce CO2 emissions of staff restaurants through sustainable food.

Environment - Chemistry - 05.05.2020
Drifting through the ice on board a polar climate research vessel
Drifting through the ice on board a polar climate research vessel
The German research icebreaker Polarstern has been drifting through the frozen waters of the Arctic Ocean since September last year.

Health - 04.05.2020
Public health experts at the service of the Confederation and the cantons
The Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) and the Swiss School of Public Health (SSPH+) have created a closed sharing platform for public health experts to facilitate and coordinate the exchange of

Health - Event - 04.05.2020
Fellowship IBSA Foundation 2019, accolades to Tommaso Virgilio of IRB
The IBSA Foundation Fellowships awards five scholarships each year to young researchers from universities and research institutes around the world who have distinguished themselves for their skills a

Economics / Business - Transport - 04.05.2020
Transportation economics in the age of coronavirus
The global economy is seeking to recover from the crisis caused by the novel coronavirus pandemic, with the expected return to normalcy that could take several months, if not more.

Computer Science - Health - 01.05.2020
Researchers put proximity tracing app to the test
Researchers put proximity tracing app to the test
Over the past two weeks, EPFL computer scientists have been testing and refining the smartphone-based system developed by the international Decentralized Privacy-Preserving Proximity Tracing project (DP3T), with the help of the Swiss Army. Their goal: to optimize the app's ability to alert users after they've been in contact with someone contagious with COVID-19, while building trust around the open system.  DP3T is an approach to decentralized, privacy-preserving contact tracing that aims to provide a digital means for humans to stop the spread of the novel coronavirus.

Life Sciences - Health - 30.04.2020
Escaping the Fly Room
Escaping the Fly Room
In shaking our society to its core, says Jaboury Ghazoul, Covid-19 shows that we must adopt a far broader perspective to tackle the complex socio-ecological problems humanity faces.

Materials Science - Innovation - 30.04.2020
Stuttgart light rail bridge hangs on Swiss carbon ropes
Stuttgart light rail bridge hangs on Swiss carbon ropes
Another milestone for an extremely versatile material with Swiss roots: On May 3, a 127-meter-long railway bridge will be pushed over the A8 motorway near Stuttgart, its 72 suspension cables consisting entirely of carbon fiber-reinforced polymer (CFRP).

Pharmacology - Health - 29.04.2020
Novartis Cosentyx gains fourth indication in EU with first-in-class approval in axial spondyloarthritis spectrum
Cosentyx is the first fully-human IL-17A inhibitor indicated for patients in Europe with non-radiographic axial spondyloarthritis (nr-axSpA), which forms part of the axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) d

Health - Social Sciences - 29.04.2020
"The psychosocial burden is not to be underestimated"
Switzerland is gradually easing the measures imposed to halt the spread of the new coronavirus. However, the fight against Covid-19 is far from over.