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Environment - Agronomy / Food Science - 23.12.2020
We’ve got a lot on our plate
There is little to suggest we'll be eating less meat any time soon. In the last post of 2020, Lukas Fesenfeld explains why a sustainable food supply system is still possible. Christmas is just around the corner, along with a string of festive meals - though probably on a smaller scale this year. I promise, I don't want to deny you your Christmas roast! However, the end of the year is a good opportunity to reflect on some fundamental questions and to become aware of one's own attitudes.

Computer Science - Health - 23.12.2020
Robots that cut, bees that bite
Robots that cut, bees that bite
An extraordinary year is drawing to a close. ETH News takes a look back at the highlights that emerged amidst difficult and unsettling times, at ingenious ideas, fascinating science and solidarity in action during - and despite - the coronavirus pandemic.

Computer Science - Politics - 22.12.2020
Crossing the artificial intelligence thin red line?
EPFL computer science professor tells conference that AI has no legitimate roll in defining, implementing, or enforcing public policy.

Health - 22.12.2020
Countries benefit when they learn from each other
Roman Stocker, member of the Swiss National COVID-19 Science Task Force, explains why it is so important in this pandemic that experts exchange information across national borders. SARS-CoV-2 has spread around the world. However, the course of the pandemic and how individual countries deal with it differ.