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Medicine/Pharmacology - Agronomy/Food Science
Food data at your fingertips
Food data at your fingertips
EPFL is launching openfood.ch, a website that provides the public with data on more than 14,000 food products sold in Switzerland.
Agronomy/Food Science - Life Sciences
Vacancies on Agroscope Executive Board all filled: Alain Gaume as Head of ‘Plant Pro-tection’
Bern, 10.11.2016 - Dr. Alain Gaume will be the new Head of Agroscope's ‘Plant Protection' Strategic Research Division.
Agronomy/Food Science - Business/Economics
Nadja El Benni to head ‘Competitiveness and System Evaluation’ Research Division
Bern, 01.09.2016 - Dr. Nadja El Benni was appointed Head of the ‘Competitiveness and System Evaluation' Strategic Research Division by Agroscope Council on 25 August 2016.
Agronomy/Food Science
Using force to stifle dialogue
Using force to stifle dialogue
In a comment on ETH News, ETH President Lino Guzzella is strongly disapproving the attack on a plant breeding congress. ‘I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend your right to say it.' Although Voltaire himself never uttered these words, they nevertheless capture the spirit of his thinking and thus provide us with a shining example of some of the most important achievements of Enlightenment philosophy: freedom of expression and the supremacy of reason over violence.
Agronomy/Food Science - Medicine/Pharmacology
An agricultural drone with a piercing gaze
An agricultural drone with a piercing gaze
23.05.16 - EPFL spin-off Gamaya has just raised 3.2 million francs for its agricultural drone system.
Agronomy/Food Science - Medicine/Pharmacology
EPFL Dedicated to Research on the Challenges of Nutrition
29.09.15 - Facing the lack of scientifically based evidence in the field of nutrition, a university and a foundation unite forces in the areas of research and public outreach.
Medicine/Pharmacology - Agronomy/Food Science
Dairy Products: What Is their Influence on Inflammation?
Bern, 14.09.2015 - An international team led by Agroscope has published a study on the influence of dairy products on inflammatory responses in the human body. The study's conclusion: Despite persistent beliefs to the contrary, dairy products exert a slightly anti-inflammatory effect, and individuals with an impaired metabolism are particularly likely to benefit from consuming products from this food group.
Agronomy/Food Science - Environment/Sustainable Development
Agroscope and CSEM working together to develop new agricultural technologies
Bern, 27.01.2015 - Agroscope and the private research and technology company CSEM plan to intensify their collaboration.
Agronomy/Food Science - Environment/Sustainable Development
Arable farming benefits from soil organisms: More biomass, less nutrient loss
Zurich, 21.10.2014 - Soil organisms play an important role in arable farming: A functioning underground food web composed of bacteria, fungi and soil fauna can improve plant nutrition, increase agricultural yields and reduce nutrient leaching. An Agroscope study published in the Journal of Applied Ecology shows that soil conservation has numerous benefits.
Environment/Sustainable Development - Agronomy/Food Science
Environmental assessment of foods: focus on methodologies
Zurich, 29.09.2014 - How great an impact does a product have on the environment? As well as helping consumers with their purchasing decisions, product environmental information is meant to encourage a more environmentally friendly production process. Agroscope investigated two of the most important assessment methods currently in use.
Agronomy/Food Science - Environment/Sustainable Development
AgEng Congress 2014: More Efficient Use of Resources thanks to Agricultural Engineering
Zurich, 07.07.2014 - How does agricultural engineering affect people, animals and the environment?
Environment/Sustainable Development - Agronomy/Food Science
New Organisation and Performance Mandate for Agroscope Approved
Bern, 03.12.2013 - Michael Gysi took over Agroscope's reins in January 2013. On 1 January 2014, a new organisation will come into effect.
Life Sciences - Agronomy/Food Science
Better muscles thanks to a genetic knock-out
A team of researchers has improved the muscle structure and stamina of mice and nematodes by reducing the function of a natural inhibitor, suggesting treatments for age-related or genetically caused muscle degeneration are within reach. If they weren't held back by the effect of a natural inhibitor, our muscles would be stronger, more powerful and better formed than they are in reality.
Veterinary Science - Agronomy/Food Science
Das Gelb der Kohlmeise ist ein Zeichen für die Spermien-Fitness
Bern - Universität Bern Die gelbe Farbe des Federkleides der Kohlmeisen ist eng gekoppelt an die Qualität ihrer Spermien: Die leuchtend gelbe Meise kann ihre Spermien besser vor Schäden schützen und ist fruchtbarer als die blasse.
Agronomy/Food Science
Geschmack - der intime Sinn
Zurich - University of Zurich Geschmacksempfindungen in Worte zu fassen, ist eine Herausforderung. Ein Forschungsprojekt von vier Hochschulen will dem Phänomen auf den Grund gehen.