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Health - Sport - 24.02.2021
Coronavirus: Federal Council takes first cautious step to reopen from 1 March

Health - Social Sciences - 17.02.2021
Coronavirus: Federal Council plans first cautious steps to reopen from 1 March

Pharmacology - 03.02.2021
COVID-19 vaccine: federal government signs three more contracts

Health - Administration - 03.02.2021
Coronavirus: Federal Council to cover vaccination costs for further groups

Health - 27.01.2021
Coronavirus: Federal Council to cover costs of tests for persons without symptoms and modify quarantine rules
At its meeting on 27 January, the Federal Council took a range of decisions to further contain and overcome the coronavirus pandemic.

Health - Career - 13.01.2021
Coronavirus: Federal Council extends and tightens measures
Case numbers are stagnating at a very high level and there is a risk that the new more infectious variants of the virus will lead to another rapid rise in cases.

Pharmacology - Health - 12.01.2021
Second COVID-19 vaccine approved for Switzerland
On 12 January 2021 Swissmedic, the Swiss agency for the authorisation and supervision of therapeutic products, approved the second COVID-19 vaccination for the Swiss market.

Pharmacology - Health - 19.12.2020
Swissmedic grants authorisation for the first COVID-19 vaccine in Switzerland
Vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech authorised in the rolling review procedure after close scrutiny of the risks and benefits Swissmedic has authorised the vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech.

Health - Pharmacology - 19.12.2020
COVID-19: Switzerland can start vaccinating vulnerable groups already in December

Health - 18.12.2020
Coronavirus: Federal Council imposes stricter national measures and closes restaurants, cultural venues and sports and leisure facilities

Health - Politics - 15.12.2020
Covid-19 vaccination: Federal Councillor Berset meets with European health ministers

Health - Psychology - 10.12.2020
Switzerland’s population is satisfied with the health system

Pharmacology - 08.12.2020
COVID-19 vaccine: federal government secures additional doses of vaccine from Moderna

Pharmacology - Health - 07.12.2020
COVID-19 vaccine: federal government signs contract with Pfizer

Health - 04.12.2020
Coronavirus: Federal Council introduces further measures and urges cantons with increasing case numbers to take immediate action

Health - Pharmacology - 18.11.2020
Coronavirus: simplified, faster generation of SwissCovid app codes
The process of generating covidcodes has been significantly simplified and accelerated. Persons who have tested positive can enter their code into the SwissCovid app to inform other app users of possible exposure to the virus.

Health - Pedagogy - 28.10.2020
Coronavirus: further measures to contain the epidemic

Health - Administration - 18.10.2020
Coronavirus: Restrictions on private events, no gatherings in public of more than 15 people; masks mandatory in more areas and working from home recommended

Pharmacology - Health - 16.10.2020
COVID-19 vaccine: Swiss federal government signs agreement with AstraZeneca

Health - 25.09.2020
The Swiss Confederation joins the COVAX initiative for the procurement of COVID-19 vaccines
Switzerland commits to promoting a global solution for the equitable distribution of Covid-19 vaccines.

Health - 24.09.2020
"Go on and do it!" - FOPH campaign enters a new phase

Health - Administration - 11.09.2020
Coronavirus: No quarantine for persons entering from border regions
At its meeting on 11 September, the Federal Council decided on the quarantine rules for persons entering Switzerland from neighbouring countries: only those regions of neighbouring countries where th

Health - 12.08.2020
Coronavirus: Large-scale events to be permitted from October under strict conditions and with a permit

Pharmacology - Health - 11.08.2020
Federal government signs agreement for COVID-19 drug

Pharmacology - Health - 07.08.2020
Covid-19 vaccine: federal government signs agreement with biotechfirm Moderna

Health - 24.06.2020
Coronavirus: Federal government to assume test costs, SwissCovid app to start on 25 June
In order to be able to respond rapidly to a renewed increase in the number of cases, testing should be conducted as widely as is possible and appropriate.

Health - 19.06.2020
Coronavirus: Move towards normalisation and simplified basic rules to protect the population

Health - 04.06.2020
Global Vaccine Summit mobilises funds for Gavi and its COVID-19 activities

Health - Pedagogy - 27.05.2020
Coronavirus: Federal Council decides on extensive easing of measures as of 6 June

Health - 20.05.2020
Coronavirus: religious services possible again, legal basis for SwissCovid app
Religious services can take place again as of the 28th May 2020. In order to achieve this, the various faith communities must develop protection concepts.

Health - 18.05.2020
President Sommaruga takes part in 73rd World Health Assembly

Health - 30.04.2020
New coronavirus: the ’Protect yourself and others’ campaign moves to pink phase

Health - Administration - 29.04.2020
Coronavirus: Federal Council to ease further measures from 11 May

Health - Administration - 22.04.2020
Coronavirus: Federal Council does not want a general obligation to wear a mask

Health - 19.04.2020
Switzerland takes part in meeting of G20 health ministers

Health - Career - 16.04.2020
Federal Council to gradually ease measures against the new coronavirus

Health - 08.04.2020
Coronavirus: Federal Council extends measures by a week and decides on gradual easing

Health - 20.03.2020
Coronavirus: Federal Council bans gatherings of more than five people

Health - Administration - 16.03.2020
Coronavirus: Federal Council declares ’extraordinary situation’ and introduces more stringent measures

Health - 14.03.2020
Measures to combat the coronavirus: ban also applies to ski resorts

Health - 27.02.2020
New coronavirus Covid-19: three new confirmed cases in Switzerland

Health - 25.02.2020
New Coronavirus 2019-nCoV: first confirmed case in Switzerland

Politics - Health - 19.02.2020
Switzerland postpones the Ministerial Summit on Patient Safety

Politics - 20.05.2019
Federal Councillor Alain Berset opens the World Health Assembly of the WHO

Health - 15.05.2019
Federal Council approves revised foreign policy on health

Pharmacology - Social Sciences - 14.03.2019
Switzerland at ministerial segment of UN Commission on Narcotic Drugs

Health - Pharmacology - 09.11.2018
Federal authorities launch a campaign to promote appropriate use of antibiotics
Federal authorities launch a campaign to promote appropriate use of antibiotics
Bern, 09.

Pharmacology - Health - 09.11.2018
'Antibiotics: Use wisely, take precisely'
’Antibiotics: Use wisely, take precisely’

Agronomy / Food Science - 30.10.2018
Swiss Health Survey 2017 - Number of smokers has remained stable for 10 years, change in alcohol consumption behaviour

Health - Life Sciences - 18.10.2018
One Health: Working together for human and animal health
Bern, 18. Prevention and early detection are central to effective control of communicable diseases and their vectors, such as mosquitoes.