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Criminology / Forensics - Campus - 12.05.2021

Health - Campus - 10.05.2021

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 10.05.2021

Campus - Psychology - 05.05.2021
New tool helps define student-teacher relationships
New tool helps define student-teacher relationships
In universities, relationships between students and teachers play a key role in creating a conducive learning experience.

Life Sciences - Campus - 05.05.2021

Campus - Event - 23.04.2021

Innovation - Campus - 16.04.2021

Campus - Health - 13.04.2021
What will endure?
What will endure?
The end of the pandemic is still not in sight, but we have every reason to be hopeful. How has the first year of living with the virus changed ETH? And what will endure after the crisis ends? I only briefly experienced what ETH was like before the pandemic.

Campus - Economics / Business - 16.03.2021
EPFL Changemakers: Incubating tomorrow's business ideas
Twenty EPFL students recently completed the first EPFL Changemakers program - a new initiative designed to help students develop leadership and entrepreneurial skills and flesh out their business ideas.

Innovation - Campus - 15.03.2021
Of knowledge, light bulbs and levers
In his introduction to an exhibition by Max Ernst, the poet André Breton speaks of that "marvellous capacity to grasp mutually distinct realities and draw a spark from their juxtaposition.

Campus - Career - 11.03.2021
Talented women graduates face gender inequality in their careers
Talented women graduates face gender inequality in their careers
For the first time, an EPFL survey has traced the careers of its women graduates. Its findings - together with several alumnae's personal accounts - show how effectively these women have integrated into the job market.

Social Sciences - Campus - 10.03.2021

Campus - Mathematics - 09.03.2021

Campus - 08.03.2021

Campus - Mathematics - 05.03.2021

Campus - Physics - 05.03.2021

Career - Campus - 12.02.2021

Life Sciences - Campus - 08.02.2021

Campus - Environment - 18.01.2021

Campus - Computer Science - 12.01.2021
EPFL student creates a new language-analysis program
Jonathan Besomi, a Master's student at EPFL, has developed a program called Texthero that lets users generate representations of textual data with just a few lines of code, thereby simplifying the analysis of natural languages.

Astronomy / Space Science - Campus - 28.12.2020

Health - Campus - 14.12.2020
Ticino Scienza, the news portal to "explain excellence"
Over the past two decades the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland has witnessed a strong rise in scientific research activities, both in the private and the public sector.

Campus - Pedagogy - 02.12.2020

Social Sciences - Campus - 12.11.2020

Environment - Campus - 02.11.2020
New certification system gives internships a sustainability label
Companies wanting to offer internships to EPFL Master's students can apply for a new sustainability certification to demonstrate that the goals of their internship or the technology being developed are environmentally friendly.

Electroengineering - Campus - 29.10.2020
Magic Cube: bringing electrical engineering to life
Magic Cube: bringing electrical engineering to life
Magic Cube is a new teaching tool developed by ETH Zurich, ABB and mint & pepper. It uses a playful approach to teach junior high and high school students the basics of electrical engineering and awaken their interest in the field.

Campus - 19.10.2020
New platform makes Namibia Archive available online
New platform makes Namibia Archive available online
The Dammann collection contains photographs and sound recordings, for example of Adelheid Mbuandjou.