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Administration - Career - 13.09.2019
Gabriele Bavota earns an ERC Starting Grant to develop an artificial assistant for software developers
Gabriele Bavota, Assistant Professor at the USI Software Institute (SI), is among the recipients of the latest ERC Starting Grants, the research funds awarded by the European Research Council on a highly competitive basis to the most promising young researchers active in Europe.

Administration - Career - 04.09.2019

Career - Administration - 03.09.2019

Environment - Career - 03.09.2019
ERC Starting Grants 2019 for ETHZ
Fifteen talented young researchers from ETH Zurich are each to receive an ERC Starting Grant, which is more than for any year previously.

Administration - Career - 06.08.2019
Doctorate - what's next?
Doctorate - what’s next?
The supervision of doctoral students has long been the subject of intense debate both within and beyond the walls of our university.

Career - Health - 24.06.2019
Telephone-based coaching as an impetus for more exercise
Telephone-based coaching as an impetus for more exercise
Sports scientists from the University of Basel found that providing telephone-based coaching over the phone is an effective method for getting people in Switzerland to adopt a physically active lifestyle. Physical activity is a good way to minimize various health risks - regardless of gender, age and fitness level.

Career - 13.06.2019
Survey shows high levels of employee satisfaction at the University of Bern
On the whole, employees at the University of Bern are very satisfied or mostly satisfied with their work and, in general, have a high level of commitment. This is according to the results of the 2019 staff survey. One aspect which staff particularly enjoy is the diverse nature of their work. An up-to-date analysis of wage equality also yielded positive results: at the University of Bern, men and woman earn the same amount for work which is of equal value.

Career - Innovation / Technology - 13.06.2019
Twitter acquires Fabula AI, a company founded by a team of USI researchers
Twitter acquires Fabula AI, a company founded by a team of USI researchers
The Fabula team at Twitter UK office. Left to right: Michael Bronstein, Fabrizio Frasca, Emanuele Rossi, Davide Eynard, Federico Monti, Damon Mannion (image: Stacey Conti).

Life Sciences - Career - 08.04.2019
Interview with new group leader Guillaume Diss
Guillaume Diss joined the FMI as a new Quantitative Biology group leader on March 1. His research focuses on understanding the mechanisms whereby genetic variation translates into phenotypic variation - for example, in diseases.

Career - Business / Economics - 15.03.2019
Is Hierarchy Really Dead?
Is Hierarchy Really Dead?
Talent retention, careers, monetary incentives, employee autonomy... can modern day organisations still be managed through hierarchy?

Innovation / Technology - Career - 14.02.2019
"The smart living lab is at a pivotal moment in its development"
EPFL's smart living lab, located on the Fribourg campus, is at a pivotal moment in its development. Martin Gonzenbach, the lab's new director of operations, tells us why.

Innovation / Technology - Career - 08.02.2019

Innovation / Technology - Career - 08.02.2019

Innovation / Technology - Career - 07.01.2019
Eleven EPFL startups in Las Vegas
Eleven EPFL startups in Las Vegas
This week, eleven EPFL startups are in Las Vegas to tout their technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest events of its kind.

Innovation / Technology - Career - 21.12.2018

Career - 18.12.2018

Physics - Career - 06.12.2018
EU grants 14 million to Swiss Researchers
EU grants 14 million to Swiss Researchers
Fuelling the next quantum revolution with the research project HERO An ERC Grant is the most prestigious award for excellent European research projects. A team with three researchers from the ETH Domain had also applied for such a grant. Today, Gabriel Aeppli from the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI, Henrik Rønnow from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne EPFL and Nicola Spaldin from ETH Zurich, together with their colleague Alexander Balatsky from Nordita, Stockholm University, received the contract signed by the EU confirming the extraordinary 14 million euro funding.

Computer Science / Telecom - Career - 30.11.2018
EPFL delivers Switzerland's first Certificates of Open Studies
EPFL delivers Switzerland's first Certificates of Open Studies
Last fall, EPFL introduced a new continuing education program whereby participants earn a Certificate of Open Studies (COS) - the only one of its kind in Switzerland. The first COSs were handed out at a ceremony this past Thursday. Switzerland's very first Certificates of Open Studies (COSs) were handed out this past Thursday at a ceremony at EPFL.

Physics - Career - 30.11.2018
Ten projects awarded
ETH researchers had excellent results in the issuing of ERC grants: they were able to win 10 Consolidator Grants in the amount of 24 million Swiss francs for their research. Researchers from ETH Zurich have never before been able to win so many ERC Consolidator Grants in one round as they managed to this time.

Career - 24.10.2018

Administration - Career - 20.09.2018
Facts and figures on Switzerland’s participation in the European Framework Programmes for Research
Bern, 20.09.2018 - The State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) today published a report on Switzerland's involvement in the eighth European Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020; 2014-2020).

Event - Career - 18.09.2018
Marie Heim-Vögtlin Prize 2018: Sara Montagner discovers the epigenetic secrets of mast cells
Epigenetic modifications of our DNA are a key aspect of the normal functioning of mast cells, which play an important role in immune reactions. Biologist Sara Montagner was able to demonstrate this in her work. She will receive this year's Marie Heim-Vögtlin Prize from the SNSF at the award ceremony in Bellinzona on 29 November 2018.

Business / Economics - Career - 06.09.2018

Innovation / Technology - Career - 05.09.2018

Career - Environment - 22.08.2018
Fostering Research Productivity in Côte d'Ivoire
Fostering Research Productivity in Côte d’Ivoire
Since 2000, the research productivity in Côte d'Ivoire has grown steadily above the regional and global rate, despite recurring economic pressures and socio-political unrest.

Career - Administration - 15.08.2018

Career - Computer Science / Telecom - 09.08.2018
Four Million Euros Awarded to Three UZH Researchers
Three scientists of the University of Zurich have been awarded the EU's coveted ERC Starting Grants.
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