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Career - Campus - 12.02.2021

Economics / Business - Career - 29.01.2021

Health - Career - 13.01.2021
Coronavirus: Federal Council extends and tightens measures
Case numbers are stagnating at a very high level and there is a risk that the new more infectious variants of the virus will lead to another rapid rise in cases.

Economics / Business - Career - 15.12.2020

Career - Life Sciences - 07.12.2020

Career - Social Sciences - 21.10.2020

Campus - Career - 13.10.2020

Career - Innovation - 24.09.2020

Research Management - Career - 03.09.2020

Career - Politics - 02.09.2020
How the Swiss fared under partial lockdown
A joint study by EPFL, the Idiap Research Institute and the University of Lausanne's Institute of Psychology has provided us with a unique snapshot of how Swiss residents experienced the partial lockdown measures resulting from the coronavirus pandemic. The findings include gender disparities, doubts about the future and hopes for change.

Career - Economics / Business - 24.08.2020
Webcam sex: half a billion followers
Webcam sex: half a billion followers
The pornographic sequences broadcast live on the web feature between 300,000 and 500,000 people - the vast majority of them women - for a largely male clientele of at least 500 million followers.

Career - Administration - 08.07.2020

Career - 26.06.2020
Bestnote für zwei Tourismusprogramme
Die Welttourismusorganisation zertifiziert zwei Studiengänge an der Fachhochschule Graubünden mit Bestnoten 26. Juni 2020 The University of Applied Sciences of the Grisons was awarded the top grade by the World Tourism Organization UNWTO for two of its study programmes.

Innovation - Career - 12.06.2020
EPFL's startups cautiously moving forward
EPFL's startups cautiously moving forward
The lockdown has been a real headache for most EPFL startups. All but a few were forced to halt their development.

Environment - Career - 12.06.2020

Health - Career - 26.05.2020
Migraine support in the workspace can significantly decrease the impact of the disease on affected employees
The patients that completed the Migraine Care pilot program reported over 50% reduction in migraine disability and a significant improvement in their patient activation measure after six months   Par

Innovation - Career - 08.05.2020

Career - Health - 06.04.2020
The SNF rewards ten research projects submitted by USI
At the first of two annual rounds of Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) grants, ten proposals submitted by USI researchers have received a positive response, with projects involving the many disciplines present at the University.

Physics - Career - 01.04.2020
Christian Rüegg new Director of the Paul Scherrer Institute
Christian Rüegg new Director of the Paul Scherrer Institute
The Swiss Federal Council already elected him as PSI's new Director last November. Today (1 April), Christian Rüegg took over the helm at the Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in difficult times. The coronavirus pandemic is also a challenge for large organisations and employers like PSI. However, PSI's unique research facilities also offer opportunities for researching the virus and thus finding ways to combat it.

Career - Economics / Business - 27.03.2020
Boundaries take on new meanings
Boundaries take on new meanings
With many of us thrown into an unusual work situation, now's a good moment to think about boundaries, says Gudela Grote.

Research Management - Career - 04.03.2020

Career - 17.12.2019
ETHZ: administrative investigation concluded
The administrative investigation into allegations in the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering has shown that no laws were broken, although pressure was exerted on some doctoral students through employment contracts and there were errors in how some employment contracts were drawn up.

Career - 17.12.2019
Evaluating the risks posed by deepfakes
EPFL's International Risk Governance Center (IRGC) has published one of the first comprehensive overviews of both the risks posed by deepfakes and the potential responses to them. The study aims to serve as a primer for countering the threat posed by deepfakes. A few weeks ago, French charity Solidarité Sida caused a sensation when it published a fake yet highly realistic video of Donald Trump proclaiming "AIDS is over" as part of an awareness-raising campaign.

Career - 13.12.2019

Life Sciences - Career - 10.12.2019
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