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Innovation - 24.03.2020
EPFL startup merges the real and virtual worlds
EPFL startup CREAL has developed a new technology that brings real-life detail and depth to the virtual world.

Environment - Innovation - 11.03.2020

Innovation - Business / Economics - 19.02.2020

Environment - Innovation - 18.02.2020

Health - Innovation - 06.02.2020

Business / Economics - Innovation - 14.01.2020
The Life Enhancing Technology
H2020 - Brokerage and Knowledge Event for Science with and for Society IOR SEMINAR "Challenges in the diagnosis and treatment of soft tissue sarcomas" Faculty of Biomedical Sciences SFI Master Class

Innovation - Business / Economics - 14.01.2020
Transforming the energy system is possible - if we set our minds to it
More than 300 researchers have generated innovations and knowledge within the framework of the National Research Programmes "Energy Turnaround" (NRP 70) and "Managing Energy Consumption" (NRP 71) for implementing Switzerland's Energy Strategy 2050.

Innovation - Environment - 10.01.2020
Let’s talk about system change
Sustainability By: Christoph Küffer It's 2020 and Christoph Kueffer is now into his fifth year of (almost) not flying.

Sport - Innovation - 09.01.2020
2020 Youth Olympic Games: a testing ground for new technologies
Almost 2,000 athletes aged 18 and under will descend on Lausanne and the surrounding area for the Youth Olympic Games.

Innovation - Environment - 06.01.2020

Event - Innovation - 24.12.2019

Environment - Innovation - 18.12.2019

Innovation - Business / Economics - 16.12.2019
"100 women and 1000 more": Jeanne Mengis
Seminario IdEP "Raising the Full Retirement Age: Defaults vs Incentives", Stefan Staubli Faculty of Economics Functional Synthesis with Examples Faculty of Informatics Visiting Alumni: Valeria Croce,

Life Sciences - Innovation - 16.12.2019
A new NCCR dedicated to the origins and future of language
A new NCCR dedicated to the origins and future of language
The Swiss National Science Foundation will support a new NCCR, "Evolving language", led by the Universities of Geneva and Zurich.

Astronomy / Space Science - Innovation - 09.12.2019
EPFL startup heads a mission to clean up space
EPFL startup heads a mission to clean up space
ClearSpace, a spin-off of EPFL's Space Center (eSpace), has been selected to lead a major European Space Agency (ESA) space debris de-orbiting project with a total budget topping ¤100 million.

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 09.12.2019
"100 women and 1000 more": Silvia Santini
Formazione continua e aggiornamento per giuristi: Legge sull'esecuzione e fallimenti (SchKG), Rodrigo Rodriguez Faculty of Economics Seminario IdEP "Dynamic Vertical Foreclosure" - Chiara Fumagalli F

Health - Innovation - 06.12.2019
Rethinking healthcare systems
Rethinking healthcare systems
ETH Zurich is planning to step up its research activities in Singapore. It aims to extend its current Future Resilient Systems programme by five years and to launch a new programme, Future Health Technologies, in the coming year. On Thursday, 5 December, ETH Zurich announced its future endeavours involving Singapore.

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 03.12.2019

Business / Economics - Innovation - 02.12.2019

Innovation - Business / Economics - 28.11.2019
How smartphones can verify your identity
How smartphones can verify your identity
Anyone who wants to open a bank account or buy a mobile phone plan has to identify themselves to the respective service provider.

Innovation - 19.11.2019
EPFL hosts a new SBB innovation unit
Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) opened a new innovation unit today at EPFL's Innovation Park, further deepening its ties with the School.

Business / Economics - Innovation - 08.11.2019
EPFL aims to build trust in fintechs
A new research program will combine the specialist knowledge of the Swiss Finance Institute @ EPFL with insights from the School's data scientists and digital trust experts.

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 07.11.2019

Innovation - Health - 06.11.2019
ETH plans competence centre for holistic rehabilitation
ETH plans competence centre for holistic rehabilitation
ETH researchers are planning to partner with clinics, foundations, public authorities and other institutions through a broad-based initiative aimed at improving the quality of life and participation of people with physical disabilities.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 05.11.2019
Data innovation strategy: FSO pilot projects point to productivity gains
Official statistics can benefit from new analysis methods arising from its data innovation strategy. The automation of certain tasks, especially data preparation, seems to be particularly promising. Although the first results from the FSO's pilot projects are encouraging, according to an initial assessment published on the "experimental statistics" microsite, they still need fine-tuning before they can be fully implemented in ongoing production.

Environment - Innovation - 30.10.2019
Claudia R. Binder appointed dean of ENAC
Claudia R. Binder appointed dean of ENAC
Professor Claudia R. Binder will take over as the new dean of ENAC on 1 January 2020. We spoke with her about her plans to make the school a center of excellence in advancing the sustainability of our natural and built environment.

Environment - Innovation - 30.10.2019
Digitalisation in wastewater management: - Dystopia or panacea?
Digitalisation in wastewater management: - Dystopia or panacea?
Cashless payments, online maps for navigation, photo sharing on social networks - digitalisation has become an integral part of our everyday lives. But it's much less well established in urban water management. Why is that? Frank Blumensaat : Urban water management has traditionally been regarded as a conservative sector.

Business / Economics - Innovation - 30.10.2019

Health - Innovation - 22.10.2019
EPFL spin-off GTX medical moves into the US market
EPFL spin-off GTX medical moves into the US market
GTX medical, an EPFL spin-off that has developed an implantable neuromodulation therapy to help people with spinal cord injuries walk again, merged today with NeuroRecovery Technologies, a US-based company, developing a transcutaneous stimulation therapy to improve upper limb function after a SCI.

Environment - Innovation - 17.10.2019
Building renovation needs to be speeded up
Building renovation needs to be speeded up
Only one out of a hundred houses per year are renovated to make them more energy efficient - less than half the number needed to achieve the goals of the Energy Strategy 2050 for buildings. The National Research Programme "Energy" shows that the necessary technologies are available, but there is a lack of appropriate planning, building and energy laws, as well as of expertise.

Innovation - 17.10.2019

Pharmacology - Innovation - 14.10.2019
A smart speaker helps care for the elderly at home
A smart speaker helps care for the elderly at home
Two students from EPFL have developed a smart speaker with voice-activation technology that connects patients directly to their loved ones as well as caregivers and emergency services.

Innovation - Agronomy / Food Science - 11.10.2019

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 07.10.2019
Deep learning, prefabricated
Deep learning, prefabricated
Self-driving cars, the automatic detection of cancer cells, online translation: deep learning makes it all possible. The ETH spin-off Mirage Technologies has developed a deep learning platform that aims to help start-ups and companies more quickly develop and optimise their products. The name has a fairytale feel to it, with its reference to mirages and the suggestion of illusion.

Innovation - Computer Science / Telecom - 24.09.2019
The EU supports secure quantum communication
The EU supports secure quantum communication
Four Swiss organisations, including UNIGE, receive funding from the European Union (EU) through OPENQKD, a secure quantum communication infrastructure.

Innovation - Business / Economics - 23.09.2019

Innovation - 23.09.2019
History of technology: accolades to USI researcher Maria Rikitianskaia
The International Committee for the History of Technology (ICOHTEC) honoured Maria Rikitianskaia for her doctoral work which was unanimously voted as the best book on the history of technology, published in 2019 by young researchers. The researcher of USI Institute of Media and Journalism won the Turriano ICOHTEC Prize , dedicated to the best book on the history of technology written by a young researcher.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation - 20.09.2019
EPFL develops solution for detecting deepfakes
EPFL develops solution for detecting deepfakes
Deepfakes - or fake videos produced to look real through the use of artificial intelligence - pose a growing challenge.

Innovation - Business / Economics - 13.09.2019
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