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Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 11.01.2019
EPFL drones draw crowds in Las Vegas
EPFL drones draw crowds in Las Vegas
This week, four EPFL-designed drones are being shown in the Swiss Pavilion at the Consumer Electronics†Show in Las Vegas.

Innovation / Technology - 10.01.2019

Innovation / Technology - Careers / Employment - 07.01.2019
Eleven EPFL startups in Las Vegas
Eleven EPFL startups in Las Vegas
This week, eleven EPFL startups are in Las Vegas to tout their technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show, one of the largest events of its kind.

Innovation / Technology - Health - 04.01.2019

Innovation / Technology - Careers / Employment - 21.12.2018

Business / Economics - Innovation / Technology - 19.12.2018

Innovation / Technology - 10.12.2018

Innovation / Technology - 28.11.2018
Start-up Switzerland in numbers
Where does Switzerland as a start-up location stand in international comparison? How has it developed? What are the strengths and weaknesses' Now, we have data-based answers to these questions.

Careers / Employment - Innovation / Technology - 09.11.2018

Innovation / Technology - 07.11.2018

Physics - Innovation / Technology - 07.11.2018
Using diamonds to recharge civilian drones in flight
Using diamonds to recharge civilian drones in flight
A small lab-grown diamond measuring a few millimeters per side could one day enable civilian drones to be recharged in mid-flight through a laser. Thanks to the diamond, the laser beam can remain strong enough over a long distance to recharge photovoltaic cells on the drones' surface. This system, which poses no threat to human health, is being developed by EPFL spin-off LakeDiamond.

Innovation / Technology - 02.11.2018
Companies increasingly focusing on product improvement and process optimisation
Bern, 02.11.2018 - It seems to have become more difficult and expensive for companies in Switzerland to invest in developing new, innovative products.

Health - Innovation / Technology - 29.10.2018
Medical X-ray imaging made affordable
Medical X-ray imaging made affordable
The GlobalDiagnostiX X-ray system is about to go into production. This robust machine - initially designed for the challenging conditions of countries in the Global South - has also turned out to be an attractive solution for industrialized nations owing to its low cost.

Physics - Innovation / Technology - 29.10.2018
Successful ETH quantum researchers
In mid-2017, the European Commission launched a flagship project in the field of quantum technology.

Physics - Innovation / Technology - 29.10.2018
Quantum Technologies Flagship: Basel physicists participate in three research consortia
Quantum Technologies Flagship: Basel physicists participate in three research consortia
Today, the European Commission launched its flagship initiative on quantum technologies. Three research groups from the Department of Physics at the University of Basel are involved. The aim of the 1 billion euro research and technology funding program is to develop radically new and powerful quantum technologies by exploiting various quantum effects.

Environment - Innovation / Technology - 26.10.2018

Innovation / Technology - Astronomy / Space Science - 25.10.2018
ESA ministerial Council sets the stage for the future
Bern, 25.10.2018 - The State Secretary for Education, Research and Innovation Mauro Dell'Ambrogio participated in the ESA's Intermediate Ministerial Meeting in Madrid today.

Health - Innovation / Technology - 23.10.2018
Alcon to develop SMART Suite digital health platform for cataract surgery
SMART Suite by Alcon will drive innovation in ophthalmology delivering personalized and seamless end-to-end care for cataract patients † As an open, secure cloud-enabled ecosystem, SMART Suite by Alc

Innovation / Technology - Computer Science / Telecom - 17.10.2018
Modifying a virtual environment in just a few clicks
Creating and modifying a virtual reality environment just got a lot easier thanks to software being released today by Imverse, an EPFL spin-off.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation / Technology - 10.10.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation / Technology - 08.10.2018

Innovation / Technology - 08.10.2018
Summit in the field of Additive Manufacturing
Empa underscores its leading role in the exchange of knowledge in the field of Additive Manufacturing (AM).

Innovation / Technology - Careers / Employment - 06.10.2018

Health - Innovation / Technology - 04.10.2018
Sandoz Healthcare Access Challenge (HACk) returns, seeking digital solutions to local healthcare access challenges
Despite major advances in modern medicine, universal access to healthcare remains the largest unmet medical need Building on the inaugural Sandoz HACk, this year's competition expands to seek broader

Innovation / Technology - Electroengineering - 02.10.2018
Cooperation in printed electronics
Cooperation in printed electronics
Empa is expanding its Coating Competence Center (CCC) thanks to a new partnership in the field of printed electronics with US-based equipment manufacturer Optomec.

Innovation / Technology - 27.09.2018
Naturally against pesticides
Naturally against pesticides
The use of pesticides is still widespread in Swiss agriculture - and the resulting damage to humans and the environment is immense.

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation / Technology - 21.09.2018

Innovation / Technology - 12.09.2018

Innovation / Technology - Business / Economics - 11.09.2018

Innovation / Technology - Environment - 07.09.2018

Business / Economics - Innovation / Technology - 06.09.2018

Event - Innovation / Technology - 03.09.2018

Innovation / Technology - 29.08.2018

Health - Innovation / Technology - 29.08.2018
IBM Forscher imitieren die Funktionalitšt von Neuronen in Phase-Change-Technologie
IBM Forscher imitieren die Funktionalitšt von Neuronen in Phase-Change-Technologie
Milan, Italy, 15 November 2016-The Humanitas University and Humanitas Research Hospital announce today that they have signed a collaboration project with IBM to experiment with Watson to help teach and pursue research in the medical sector.

Innovation / Technology - Health - 29.08.2018

Politics - Innovation / Technology - 23.08.2018

Innovation / Technology - Mechanical Engineering - 23.08.2018
UNIL & EPFL help the international cycling union combat technological fraud
Advances in performance of batteries and electric motors has provided new technological possibilities including drones and transport devices like hoverboards, e-bikes and e-scooters - technologies th

Physics - Innovation / Technology - 22.08.2018
Two become one - with reactive heat
Two become one - with reactive heat
Reactive nano-multilayers are considered to be a revolution in joining technology. They are envisaged for joining heat-sensitive materials that would otherwise be damaged or even destroyed upon conventional soldering.

Business / Economics - Innovation / Technology - 07.08.2018

Innovation / Technology - 23.07.2018

Innovation / Technology - Media - 19.07.2018

Computer Science / Telecom - Innovation / Technology - 17.07.2018
The pros and cons of artificial intelligence
AI is set to trigger a major transformation in society. As soon as algorithms influence our voting habits or design school curricula, it is up to politics to limit the damage. A new study on the opportunities and risks of AI is now being conducted on behalf of TA-Swiss. Artificial intelligence (AI) is not just about the irritatingly charming face of a "humanoid robot" gazing inquisitively at us.
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